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You may be one of Roblox players who are hunting a Limited item. If so, what item are you looking for now? Are you looking for Dominus Rex? If you are looking for Dominus Rex, you surely now want to know the cost of this item.

Dominus Rex is a hat accessory which was published to the Roblox catalog on May 21st, 2015. This item was purchasable for 75,000 Robux with a timed released of 1 hour and there were only 219 copies which were sold before it went offsale and Limited. Do you know that Dominus Rex hat is the ninth variation in the Dominus series? Well, it means that there are other Dominus that you are able to find and buy on Roblox catalog. Those are Dominus Empyreus, Dominus Infernus, Dominus Frigidus, Dominus Messor, Dominus Vespertilio, Dominus Aureus, Domunis Astra, Dominus Rex, Dominus Pittacium, Dominus Praefectus, Dominus Venari and Dominus Claves.

There were only 190 copies of Dominus Rex which existed until November 18th, 2018. Currently, you are able to see in the Roblox catalog that it has been favorited more than 35K times and the Roblox ID of this item is 250395631. So, do you want to buy this item? Okay, an important thing that you need to know before you buy this item is the cost. Initially, Dominus Rex could be bought for 75,000 Robux. But now, the cost of Dominus Rex is 781,000 Robux. And then, the average cost of it is 503,266 Robux and the quantity sold is 219 copies. If you see in the Resellers list, each of the resellers sell it in different price including 781,000 Robux, 783,999 Robux, 888,888 Robux, 1,000,000 Robux, 13,333,337 Robux and more.

Is Dominus Rex worth it to have? Of course, it is worth it to have because it has awesome look. It has the same form as the other hats in Dominus series but the difference is in its colour. The hood of Dominus Rex has a light purple colour with a full-black cover on the inside that mask the face of wearer. You can also see that there are two gold-colored rings which are attached to the two lower corners of the hat and are visible on the front of the shoulders of the wearer. Finally, there are four white feathers with a black and purple tip protrude backwards from each ring in a folded fashion. If you check this item in the Roblox catalog, you may be curious about the meaning of quote in the description section. It says “A Mari Usque Ad Mare”. It means “From Sea to Sea” and this quote is also a national motto of Canada.

As we see that this item is a Limited item. What does “Limited item” mean? It means that the item is available in finite quantity. This kind of item is usually regular at first which sold by Roblox for a set price until they are taken off-sale. After that, if the items are chosen to be Limited later, they can be traded for other items. Or, they are also able to be re-sold for Robux by Roblox players who have an active Builders Club membership.

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