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Dominus Venari is the name of the hat that was published in the Roblox Catalog by Roblox on April 4, 2018. This one is the rarest Dominus in the Dominus series as there is only one copy. Who is the owner of Dominus Venari? If you are curious about the answer to the question, do not stop reading the article until you read the last word.

The owner of the rare item named Dominus Venari is r0cu. Who is r0cu? r0cu is the name of one of the players on the platform called Roblox. He won the one of a kind Dominus Venari from the Ready Player One event. Before that, this account was not popular outside of groups dedicated to “bhopping” and “surfing”. At the moment, he worked as the builder and has been commissioned by the groups such as Trade.

When the first time r0cu won Dominus Venari, there was a controversy. At the time, he was subjected to scrutiny after winning the first copy of the Golden Wings of the Pathfinder, as it was found that a lot of players who had completed the quiz successfully before him were presented with the error that prevented them from advancing and stuck them in the place until they closed the window. A few moments later, the bug was soon fixed by the creator of the obby named Ravenshield. In fact, r0co did not shut down the server of the obby after the fix so ultimately no one knew that the bug had been gotten rid. Basically, that moment was the matter of who was lucky enough to complete the quiz first without knowing about the bug fix.

After r0cu received the thing called Dominus Venari, some people made the hate accounts named after him. They started showing up in the search results for his name. Some of them included “r0cuGoDie”, “r0cuUsesNoClip”, and “r0cuisahacker”. The worst thing was there were even a few that claimed to have leaked some of his personal information, and this was likely what prompted the staff of Roblox to delete the majority of the accounts named after “r0cu” so they would not appear when his name was searched in the player search. In the end, only nine accounts remain named after him. Sadly, this accident impacted his entire family, to the point he felt need to contact the authorities due to all the outrage from people who wanted the Dominus Venari.

Everything went worst when there were some Youtubers added fuel to the already burning fire by telling their audiences that r0cu was not the true winner of the Dominus Venari. Those people used this accident to take the benefit of the Ready Player One event being a hot topic in order to rack up the video views and subsequently ad revenue.

If you want to know more about r0cu, here is the trivia of him. According to his page on Wiki, r0cu is from Denmark. One day, he shared a screenshot of a 3 day ban notice that was caused by providing a fake receipt because the other people were sending the fake receipts to the customer service in order to try and get the benefit of his account.

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