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One of your favorite items on Roblox catalog may be Dominus Vespertilio. This item is a part of Dominus series and a limited item as well. As you can see that the name of this item is unique and you are probably curious about it. So, we are going to tell you the translation of it.

Dominus Vespertilio is translated as Lord Bat. As you can see that the appearance of this hat is like a bat. There is a pair of wings attached to it. Besides, if you go to the Roblox catalog and check this item directly, you will see in the description section that there is a quote which says Mors Ultima Linea Rerum Est. Do you know the translation of this quote? It translates to Death Is The Last Line Of.

Now, after knowing the translation of the name of the item and also the quote of it, let’s find out the detail about the Dominus Vespertilio. This item is a hat which was published in the Roblox catalog on October 26th, 2012 for Halloween. This item is categorized into a horror genre and also a limited item. Do you know what “limited” here mean? It means that this item firstly is a regular item and then it is sold by Roblox for a set price until the item is taken off-sale. If the item chosen to be Limited later, then it can be traded for other items or re-sold for Robux. So, because now this item is limited, people who have it can be traded or sold for Robux.

Dominus Vespertilio came out of the Gift of Sinister Acension, which was bought by 526 users for 31,000 Robux each. Then, this item went limited on October 16th, 2016. For your information, this hat is the fifth variation in the Dominus series. Until October 28th, 2018, there are only 392 copies which exist. Now, if you check on the Roblox catalog, Dominus Vespertilio has been favorited more than 29K times and the Roblox ID of it is 96103379.

In the Roblox catalog, you are also able to see that it costs 370,857 Robux and the average price of it is 255,183 Robux. We know that this item is expensive and it may be because it is a limited item. But, why do you want to buy this item? It may be because its appearance, right? Dominus Vespertilio has bat wings not feathers like other Dominus series because this hat is one of the only Dominus series with a different mesh. Then, it has dark grey base color with patches of lime-green lightning on the rings and corners of the wings. If you want to know the mesh, it is simply named “demon” and it is quite bizarre when it is compared to the names of the other Dominus meshes.

If you like this hat and you want your avatar to wear this item, you are able to buy it. It is very expensive but if you have a lot of Robux and you like the style of the hat, it is worth it to buy.

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