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Are you a user of Discord? If so, you may want to know about a tool to export message or chat history from a Discord software to a file. Recently, there are many people who look for its tool.

You have to know that it is a tool name DiscordChatExporter which is able to be used for exporting message or chat history from the Discord channel to a file. It works for both direct message chats and guild chats, message grouping, supports markdown, embeds, attachments, reactions, mentions, and other features. Then, it also works with both the user and bot tokens which supports multiple output formats and allows you to trim messages by dates.

By the way, how to download DiscordChatExporter? Apparently, there are some easy steps that you have to do to download DiscordChatExporter. In this case, you need to go to the site which provide link to download DiscordChatExporter. Now, try to go to the site of GitHub where you are able to download DiscordChatExporter. It will be better for you to sign up or sign in first. On that page, you are able to link to download DiscordChatExporter, so just click at the link download.

There are some features of DiscordChatExporter. If you want to know those features, you are able to see the text below.

  • It renders all message or chat features including: embeds, emojis, markdown, attachments, mentions, etc.
  • It supports both the user tokens and bot tokens.
  • Graphical and command line interfaces.
  • It allows retrieving messages or chat in specified date range.
  • The multiple export formats: HTML (dark/light), TXT and CSV.

We think that it is very easy to download a tool named DiscordChatExporter. After you download it, then you are able to install it. Make sure that you download and install DiscordChatExporter so that you are able to use the tool to get back your chat history and others. In other case, if you still do not understand about the way above, so we suggest you to watch a video where it show a way to get DiscordChatExporter.

You are able to watch a video entitled “How to Download Export Discord Channel and Direct Message (DM) History (chat logs)”. That video was published by on January 21, 2019. Currently, it has 4,107 views. The video is a short tutorial showing you how to make a backup of any Discord channel or direct message or chat history. So, watch that video to get its information. For note: If you are trying to find Token, but it keeps vanishing before you are able to copy the code, so you need to refresh the page. Afterwards, you are able to click stop the moment, so the token code will shop up. This is going to lock the token code in place which allowing you to copy it.

Besides DiscordChatExporter, actually you are able to use other tools to backup of any Discord channel or chat history. For this case, you are able to search those tools from your choice browser directly.

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