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In Roblox, there are some game about dance and one of them is Emote Dances [Summer Event]. Have you played Emote Dances game on Roblox? If you have never played it, you are able to try to play it to experience new environment in it.

Emote Dances game was created by Falosaur on June 19th, 2018 and it was last updated on June 11th, 2019. Now, this game has been visited more than 11.5 million times with more than 148K favorites and more than 48K likes. This game can be played by 40 maximum players in each server. If you play this game, you will have a chance to get some game badges of this game including Meet The Animator by playing with the Falosaur, Meet The Builder by playing with RankedRecon, The Lock Has Been Popped by defeating the Underground Obby with such effort and withstanding behaviour, and Reanimal by conquering the Reanimated Obby. Besides, there are also some passes that you are able to buy and those are Donation [Dance Moves Emote] for R$ 50, Donation: Medium [Peter Parker Emote] for R$ 250, Donation: Large for R$ 500, and Hand Trails for R$ 50.

This game is a game which showcases dance animations. If you play it, you are able to explore the map to find animation givers which all have a silhouette picture of the dance and the name of the dance over it. For your information, there is no limit to the number of animations that a player can collect. Even though the animations game take most of its inspiration from Fortnite, but there are dances from other pop culture communities as well.

Well, you may want to know who is Falosaur, the creator of this game. He is a Roblox user who is most known for his comedic character animation showcases, Emote Dances. He is working on a Horror game named Proximity as well. If you check on his profile, you can see that he joins Roblox since March 6th, 2016 and now his place has been visited more than 11 million times.

His avatar is wearing Smug face, Kestrel – Brown Jacket, Black Vest Pants and Ultimate Victory. For body parts, he is using Man Right Leg, Man Left Leg, Bubbly Walk, Cartoony Run, Cartoony Jump, Stylish Swim, Stylish Climb, Stylish Idle and Cartoony Fall. He has 127 friends, 14K+ followers and follows 9 people. He has Outrageous Builders Club and has a lot of Roblox badges including Friendship, Veteran, Homestead, Bricksmith, Welcome To The Club and more.

He is also known to have some favorite games including Redux FPS, helloguys34’s Animation, Voxel: Segi Lighting, Volleyball 4.0 [Demo], Animation Test, and Blox Saber. He also joins some groups such as The Timb Travelers where he is the owner with 737 members, Unusual Hub where he is the administrator with 13 members, Maximillian where he is a chief innovators with 4,675 members, Blockland Forum Group where he is a Blocklander with 99 members, and many more.

Besides this, if you are looking for dance games on Roblox, there are Photoshoot: With Dances by Emeraldyy, Mocap Dancing by Flubberlutsch, Dance Your Blox Off by Focus Dance and Gymnastics, Dance Off by 1yesman9 and many more.

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