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FE2 Map Test is the term to call the game where every player will be bale to test the maps that are not featured in Flood Escape 2. For those who want to know, these kinds of map are by the other players who whitelisted the maps so they could be listed in the game.

On the old page of FE2 Map Test on Wiki, FE2 Map Test is described as the alternative game in the original game called Flood Escape 2. This one is known is widely known for the players who want to try some unlisted maps. It is the game created by the creator named Crazybox, which is the creator of Flood Escape 2 and is currently no longer accepting unlisted maps.

The design of the FE2 Map Test lobby is similar to that of the regular Flood Escape 2. For your information, the lobby is gray and black. Apparently, you are able to stand on the podiums, there are no players on the podiums, there are no store, progress, and XP do not save, an so on.

In the newest version of FE2 Map Test, a few things were changed. Some of them are no store, different music, no list of map, multiplayer, map listing reformatting, new button icon, no infinite air, and so on.

In the world of FE2 Map Test, there is a thing called FE2 Map Test ID. Just like any other IDs, FE2 Map Test IDs are the set of words and symbols that can be typed into the code section in the store to get the map. Here are some of the FE2 Map Test IDs that you can use.

The first one is 1098733781. This one was made by egd_MINER and scripted by SuperBrowser61. The second one is 1320644330. This one was created and scripted by ArcherRBLX. The third one is 146551839. This one is the one by Superdanfan. You have to know that this one needs whitelisting. The next one is 1440618239. This one was made and created by iiJohn0. The fourth one is 1864356029. This one is the remake of Henry Rivers very easy map. The fifth one is 1325879234. This one was made and scripted by Kroha.

Feel free to use which FE2 Map Test ID that you want. Then, how to add the map? By reading this following paragraph, you will be informed the method of how to add the FE2 Map Test ID and get the map that you want.

According to Crazyblox, once you finished with the map, you have to make it a model (choosing all the parts in the map and grouping), publish the model (this one allows copying so that people can use the model), submit the ID that located in the URL of the page of the model.

If you find it hard to do all the steps explained above, you can try to seek a help from the community of FE2 Map Test.

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