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Catalog Heaven can be described as the very popular sandbox game. This one was created the creator named by Seranok and Merely. The popular game was published under the group Sky Studio. It is named as the 7th most visited place of all time on the platform called Roblox.

The main goal of Catalog Heaven is for all the players to be able to test all of the merchandise that is offered on the catalog before they actually purchase it. When the player enters Catalog Heaven, there will be the GUI menu appear. This one will allow the player to choose from the variety of gear, hats, faces, and packages.

Catalog Heaven is really popular and always shows up often on the front page. It is well-received in the Robloxian community for its concept and for the scripting in game. This thing makes the creator of the game has received lots of praise for the game as well. Apparently, Catalog Heaven was the winner for the game trailer contest. Currently, there is the fan group for the game. This group has more than 10,000 members. As for the game called Catalog Heaven itself, it currently has more than 1,000,000 favorites and more than 279,000 thumbs up, with the 88% approval rate.

In the world of Catalog Heaven, there is a thing called Forcefield glitch. In order to complete the glitch, here are the steps that you have to follow. Before anything, you have to know that you need the normal VIP of elite for this. When you have one, first of all, you need to search in the catalog “sowrd of” and the grey sword will appear. Please click and hold it. Then, you have to wait until it is light blue. When it is turned into light blue, you can release it. After that, you have to click the catalog as well as upequipping it.

As the alternative, here is another way to complete the Gorcefield glitch Catalog Heaven. The first thing that you have to do is to go to catalog and go to bundles and pick any bundles that you want. Then, save it. For those who have the normal VIP or elite VIP, the gamepass is unknown. The next thing that you have to do is to search Walmart. Once you found one, please equip it. After that, you have to left click the mouse and wait until it turns into light blue. Apparently, you can also close the barrier of your base so no one can kill you.

For more information about Forcefield glitch Catalog Heaven, you can visit some places such as its official page on Wiki. Aside from that, you can also discuss and interact with the community of Catalog Heaven. If you have any question, the same community can be a place to seek a help. If it is needed, you can try to contact the creator of the game named Seranok and Merely. Do not hesitate to do it.

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