Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations

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The Fortnite Birthday Cake Location is the name of the bonus set of Challenges in order to celebrate the first birthday of the game. By completing this, it will give you the additional XP to help go towards a lot of Season 5 rewards.

Please take a note that you will have to be a holder of the Battle Pass in order to undertake this challenge. Another thing to take a note is that this certain challenge is no longer able to completed. However, there are the other Fortnite Challenges to tackle as part of the newest Fortnite Season, including this week’s location for Jigsaw Puzzle Piece basement locations and how to look for something between the covered bridge, waterfall, and the 9th.

What does Fortnite Birthday Cake locations involve? For your information, this kind of birthday event has you to find the dance in front of 10 different Birthday Cake locations as part of the week’s Fortnite birthday set of challenges. The locations of the cake itself are not the easiest to find. Even you know you are near one, as there are balloons pinned to nearby trees and lampposts, it is still hard. Once you find this kind of cake, it is time for you to dance. Remember that it is not the common challenge for the game, with the last season offering something similar with the film cameras.

Please be sure that you have the emote equipped. To make it easier, you can do between matches by visiting the Locker. Then, use the emote in front of the Fortinite Birthday Cake. This one defaults to the B key on PC or Down on the D-Pad of the console.

Here what it goes. You will have to find 10 Birthday Cake locations in total. It is quite different compared to the common roster of collectible style tasks as you have to find each one to complete the challenge. Therefore, make sure to visit each of them. If you need the specific locations, here are the places that Birthday Cake can be found:

  1. Retail Rowwhich is located in the middle of the street on the eastern side.
  2. Greasy Grovewhich is located at the north side in the middle of the street.
  3. Fatal Fieldswhich is located in the middle of the named location.
  4. Loot Lakewhich is located on the south side of the bank.
  5. Lazy Linkswhich is located off to the south-east between the winding pavement and the green.
  6. Risky Reelswhich is located on a mound overlooking the named location from the south.
  7. Lonely Lodgewhich is located off to the west between a carpark and the outside huts.
  8. Paradise Palmswhich is located outside just to the north, near the road.
  9. Pleasant Parkwhich is located outside the named location to the east, not far from the petrol station.
  10. Flush Factorywhich is located outside in front of the parked lorries.

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