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What does come on your mind when you read or see something written “Free Robux”. You may want to do everything as long as you will get Robux. Honestly, do not rush to join it just because it claims that it will give you Robux. Why? It because it may a scam.

If you try to search “Quiz for Free Roblox”, you will get a lot of results. There will be websites which offer you some Robux. If you join this kind of quiz, you will get about 10 questions about Roblox such as:

  • What is the currency of Roblox?
  • What is the username of Roblox creator?
  • What is the maximum friend limit?
  • How much Robux do you have to pay for changing your username?
  • Who is John Shedletsky?
  • What kind of player are you in Phantom Forces game?
  • What is the goal of a parent account?
  • How much Robux does the TBC members get?
  • Who is your first friend in Roblox?
  • and many other questions related to Roblox.

Before joining this quiz, it is better for you to read anything about Roblox first. Or, if you just want to test your knowledge for now, you can join this quiz.

Now, the question is whether this kind of quiz can really give you Robux or not. If we read in the article of Roblox, Roblox team says that there is no things like Robux generator, Free Robux from quiz, watching videos, doing surveys, or downloading apps. Even though those websites claim that you will get free Robux after you complete the missions, but you have to be careful. Roblox Team claim that the only ways to get Robux is by joining membership of Builders Club, buying it from Robux page, selling items, selling gamepasses and selling access. So, for you safety, it is better for you to avoid the websites which offer you free Robux because we are afraid that they will just scam you and they can steal your Roblox account.

If you are still curious and you want to proof whether websites which offer free Robux by quiz is really true or not, you can try it. You can also watch a video which try about this quiz such as a video of Buzz in Youtube. In his video, he was trying to answer the questions in Pro Profs Quiz Maker and proof whether he can get free Robux or not. The title of the video is Earn 500 Robux If You Pass This Roblox Quiz which now has been watched more than 1,400,000 times.

Besides, there is also another video of him entitled Win 500 Robux If You Answer This Question in Roblox which has been watched by more than 5,000 times. Once again, it is better for you to get Robux based on what Roblox Team says. If not and you try to hack or exploit it, it is not impossible that you will get warning from Roblox and even you can be banned.

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