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If you go to a website which offer free Robux, usually you will have to install some apps to get free Robux. However, you probably do not like this kind of method because it can make your storage full of unnecessary apps. Then, is there any methods that we can do to get free Robux without installing apps.

Actually, if you do not want to install any apps, you are able to choose other methods to get free Robux such as watching video, playing games, filling in survey and some other methods. You can also go to the Roblox generator such as When you are in this site, you have to click on the yellow Get Started Now button. By clicking this button, you will be directed to a page where you are able to generate Robux for free as much as you want. The things that you have to fill in is your username, platform whether iOS, Android or Mac and then enable encryption. After that, click on Connect button. Under the Connect button, there are two boxes that you have to fill in including the Robux amount and also Tix amount. Tix probably will not be used because now Roblox does not use it anymore for currency. After filling the Robux amount, then you are able to click on blue Generate button.

Then, you will get Verification message. The thing that you do is clicking on the Continue button and then click on Verify now. So, you will be directed to a page where you will earn rewards for taking survey. If at the end, it ask your address, email, email password, Roblox password, and other personal information, never give that. It means that it just scam you.

Roblox in its article says that never trust Robux Generator because they are just hackers who want to steal your Roblox account. The verification surveys are just tricks to steal your personal information and it is dangerous. However, there are so many websites in the internet which claim that they are able to give you free Robux by doing surveys, watching videos and so on. So, you have to be careful with these kind of websites.

If you want to try this kind of sites, you are able to do that but of course you have to be careful. If it then ask you for your personal information, leave it soon because it is a scam. As we all know that the legal ways of getting Robux is only through Robux page; selling game passes; selling pants, t-shirts and shirts; buying from the Robux page, and becoming a member of Builders Club so that you will get daily Robux. These are the legal ways to get Robux which are offered by Roblox.

So, if you want to get Robux, it is better for you to get it through the legal ways. But, if you are curious with those kinds of sites, you are able to try it. But, when you are trying it, you have to be careful and make sure that you do not give your personal information.

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