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If you are looking for shirt with girl shading, you have to search it in the Roblox catalog. When you try to search it, there will be a lot of results including Girl Shading by Stingy, Shading (Girl) by vivanola, Light Girl Shading by Fleekisha, Girl Shading by Sky Clothing, Girl Shading by Da kewl kidz, Shading (Female) by SuperStars Gymnastics and Dance, and more.

Do you know that you are able to make your own girl shading shirt? How to do that? The first thing that you have to do to make a shirt is having a Builders Club. If you make sure that you have had a Builders Club member, you can access the Roblox shirt template page. After finding the template, you have to save the shirt template onto your computer.

To save the template, right click the template, click Save Image As or Save As in the drop down menu and then select a save location and then click on Save. After saving the template, open a photo editing program or paint program. You are able to use any paint or photo program that you want. You can use Microsoft Paint if you use Windows. You are able to download Pinta, Photoshop or Lightroom if you use Mac. You can also use GIMP and Paint.Net for creating shirt for Roblox.

If the paint program have been opened, you have to open the template in that program. To do that you are able to click and drag the template into your paint program. Alternatively, you are able to open the template by clicking on File, click Open and then double click the template to open it. If the template has opened, you have to edit it. To edit it will depend on what kind of shirt that you want to create. If you want to make a girl shading shirt, it means that you will make the colour of your shirt shading.

Do you know how to do that? To give shade in your shirt, you are able to watch the tutorials of how to make a shade shirt on Youtube such as a video of Ms. Doom entitled How To Shade A Shirt, a video of dragonpplatinum entitled Roblox Tutorial: How to Shade a Shirt on Roblox, a video of Nicholas Hughes entitled How To Shade A Roblox Shirt and more. By watching these videos, you are able to see that you will use the tools in the paint programs that you are using. Those tools will make the colour of the shirt that you are creating to be shaded. When you make this kind of shirt, it probably will need a patience and diligence. So, be prepare!

If the process of creating a girl shading shirt is done, you are able to save it to your computer. And then, you are able to upload it to Roblox. After uploading the shirt to the catalog, the team of Roblox will check it whether it is categorized into forbidden items or not. If not, your shirt will pass and you can sell it.

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