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As we know that there are many genres of games in Roblox such as horror, adventure, sport, RPG, town and city, sci-fi, war or military and more. By the way, do you like playing the war games on Roblox? What is your favorite war game? If you like playing the Roblox war games, we are sure that you will know about many war games on Roblox.

Currently, there are many people who look for the good Roblox war games. So, in this article we are going to discuss about that. Based on the research, there are many good Roblox war games that you can be played on Roblox.

If you want to know what any good Roblox war games, you are able to see the list below.

1. Call Of Robloxia 5 (Roblox at War).

The game is one of good Roblox war games that played 48,230,123 times.

2. Base Wars (Snow Map)

There are many people who have already play this game. Based on the research, it played 46,552,386 times.

3. Boys Vs Girls Island Wars

As one of good Roblox war games, it is not strange if there are lots of Roblox players who like playing this game. It Played 40,577,605 times.


If you are a liker of Roblox war games, you may will be familiar with this game. Until now, it played 30,861,243 times.

5. Candy War Tycoon (2 Player)

We get information that this is also as one of popular Roblox games. It Played 23,715,428 times.

6. The Underground War

Do you ever play the game of Underground War? If you never play it, we suggest you to play it. According to the research, it Played 20,509,569 times.

7. Pirate Wars

Lots of Roblox players very familiar with this Roblox war game. It Played 20,491,826 times.

8. (New Code) Elemental Wars

This is one of good Roblox war games that very popular. Apparently there are many Roblox players who like this game. It Played 17,925,454 times.

9. Awakening (Star Wars RP) Patch 1.2.88

Most poeple said that this is one of Roblox war games. It Played 14,971,391 times.

10. Heli wars – Desert Attack

Another good Roblox war games that you can be played in Roblox is the game of Heli wars Desert Attack. It Played 14,344,361 times.

Well, the text above is a list of some good Roblox war games which you can be found and played on Roblox. If you need further information regarding those Roblox war games, so you are able to search its information from your browser. In this case, you can go to the site of Roblox wikia or Roblox go.

Talking about Roblox war games, there are also some Roblox war groups. You have to know that commonly War groups are well known called as Super Clans. The main of war groups are militant. Simply, war groups are the groups who engage in war and battles with other groups. If you are interested in joining war group, so you can join with the war groups on Roblox.

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