Grader + 500 Robux Snowmobile + Pet Code for Roblox Snow Shoveling Simulator

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Do you like playing Snow Shoveling Simulator? It is a game which was created by Virtual Block Studio on December 12th, 2017 and the last update was on August 7th, 2018. Roblox users can play this game for 10 maximum players each server.

This game is popular and it is proved by the number of visitors which reaches more than 70 million until now. Then, how to play this game? In this game, it is known that Frosty’s town of Winterville is always snowing.  You will help Frosty with shoveling all this snow. Then, you will have to unlock new tools, weapons, and vehicles as you progress in Snow Shoveling Simulator. However, do not forget about the baddies up in Ice Mountain who want to destroy Winterville. You have to fight them to keep them scared and away from the town.

Talk about Snow Shoveling Simulator game, you come to this site surely to find the way to get grader, 500 Robux Snowmobile and also pet code, don’t you? You can watch the video of Thinknoodles in Youtube entitled “Grader + 500 Robux Snowmobile + Pet Code!! | Roblox Snow Shoveling Simulator. In that video, you can watch the gameplay of Snow Shoveling Simulator along with the comment of the player and he will show you how they get weapon, vehicles and tools in a fun way. Then, you will see that his Snowmobile flipped when he tried to look for diamond.  You also can see when he bought Blizzard Bomb and how he used it. Besides, you can see how fun he add code to get tools. For your information, there are secret codes with a limit. Some of those codes are:

  • 10mVisits. You will get 2,500 cash.
  • darMoney. You will get 700 cash.
  • tvdude. You will get Darzeth snow container.
  • DiamondSnow. You will get Diamond Frosty pet.
  • 150kLikes. You will get 1,500 cash.
  • gearHear. You will get 1,000 cash.
  • 700kGroup. You will get 5,000 cash.
  • 15mVisits. You will get 1,500 cash.
  • 500k. You will get 75 ice.
  • 40m. You will get 4,000 cash.
  • AFlyingAnt. You will get Ant’s Parrot pet.
  • TheAnt. You will get 2,500 cash.
  • yespls. You will get 5,000 cash.

Those codes are still active you can use them when you play this game to get rewards.

In this game, there are two passes that you have to buy namely Mountain Pass for R$ 200 and Cave Bypass for R$ 50. How about game badges? There, you can get Meet the owner!, 250 Snow!, 750 Snow!, Meet Frosty!, Your First Vehicle, Welcome!, Throw a Blizzard Bomb!, Help Santa, The Penguin Council, Your First Ice Boss, COWABUNGA!, Party House, Find Ice Crystals, Leap of Faith, Easter Badge and many others. To get those badges, you have to fulfill the requirements of each badge. Until now, it is known that this game has been favorited more than 813K times and liked more than 253K times.

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