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Do you like something horror? If so and now you are looking for horror games in Roblox, you can find many of them. A number of games in Roblox are categorized into horror games such as Murder Mystery 2, The Ghost Face, Thai Ghost, Granny and more. But in this opportunity, we are going to talk about Granny game.

If search Granny in the Roblox search bar, you will find a lot of results. Two of them are Granny: Lava Dress by GabStudio and Granny Update, Baldi’s Basics Multiplayer BETA. Granny: Lava Dress by GabStudio was created on May 24th, 2018. When this game was created, the last update of this game was on January 10th, 2019.

In each server, people can play with 6 maximum players. Until now, this game has been visited more than 399 million times and has more than 1 million favorites and more than 246,000 likes. Even though the look of this game is horror, but in the description of the game, it is categorized into All Genre game. In this game, after the update that was done by the developer, now there are 2 new items, items bug fixed, Knock Granny Bug fixed, Granny Knock Time increased, and also new game join system.

However, for you who leave and re-enter the same server to play and annoy, you are not able to do it anymore. In this game, there are a lot of badges that you are able to get including You Are Granny, Escaped, I Played With The Owner, Baldi Basic Easter Egg, Welcome, Shotgun, Crossbow, Slenderman, Legendary Item, My First Common Key, My First Rare Key, My First Epic Key, My First Legendary Key, Slendrina, Slendrina Mom, and Mini Pumpkin.

In this game, there are codes that you are able to use to redeem with items. The codes are usually revealed in the twitter account of the developer @GabStudioRBLX. So, it is better for you to follow his twitter account. If you do not have twitter account, you can make it first and then follow his twitter account to get updated codes and updates about the game. Here are some codes that were revealed by him in his twitter account.

  •  UpdaCOmIs0
  • S3cr3tc0d4. This code gives you $ 7500 points.
  • LavDr3ss10. This code gives you Lava Dress but it is just for 10 users.
  • NeWY3Ar2019
  • MyPuMpk2n. This code gives you Pumpkin item.
  • H4l1ow33N. This code gives you 15 PU free.
  • M200Wow
  • 5KpO$. This code gives you $ 5000.
  • M100W0w. This code gives you Fantasy Mask.
  • Resetpu
  • EzWiNN3R. This code gives you $ 500.
  • 60M1LIonV1sT. This code gives you $ 800.

The codes are usually in limited time to use or just for limited users. So, if you do not want to miss the codes again, you need to follow his twitter account and make sure that you always get the updates. Are the codes above still active? It seems that those are not active anymore because of limitations. However, you can try apply one by one of the codes above to proof their activeness.

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