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The fame of Roblox has led to some Youtubers focusing their channel on it. Now, there are a lot of them become well-known content creators both in the Roblox community and on Youtube itself. One of those Youtubers is Guava Juice. Have you heard about him? If not, we are going to reveal who he is now.

His real name is Roi Fabito. He was born in Philipines on August 21, 1991. Now, he is known to make videos of challenges, experiments, DIYs and many more. He began gaming around early 2016 and stopped at around late 2016, October. He first joined Youtube at 2016 and at that time he made random videos. Roi had a channel named Wassabi Productions where he and Alex Burriss did any kind of different videos. He did challenges, lip syncs, funny videos, and many others. The viral video of him is “Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe – Roland & Richard (Parody)”. It gained more than 100 million views and had a huge success in that video. After that, he left Wassabi Production. And then he continued to make gaming videos for his channel which then he decided that gaming was not his style. So, he did any kind of challenges, DIYs, experiments and other different types of videos. Even he did bath challenges. If you want to watch his Roblox videos in his Youtube channel named Guava Juice, then you can watch “Escaping The Fast Food Restaurant”, “Escaping The Haunted House!”, “Escape The Iphone 7!”, “The Ultimate Race”, “Escape The Evil Ball Pit!”, “Dragon Rage”, “Scariest Game on Roblox”, “How to Survive The Giants” and many others.

Guava Juice Roblox
In Roblox, you can find him as “guavs”. In his profile, you can see that he has 2 friends, more than 273K followers and follows no one. Now, his avatar is wearing Propeller Beanie, Green Laser Scythe, Dark Green Jeans and Official Guava Juice Games Shirt. How about his body part? He uses Man Left Arm, Man Right Leg, Man Right Arm, Man Torso, Man Left Leg, and I < 3 New Site Theme. In his accessories inventory, you can see that there are not a lot. There are only Builders Club Hard Hat and Propeller Beanie. For Roblox Badges, he has Homestead, Bricksmith, Builders Club, Welcome To The Club, and Veteran. How about player badges? He has a lot of player badges including Winners Badge, Completed Obby, Welcome Badge, Crazy Dave, Scuba Gear and many more. It is known that he has joined Roblox since January 26th, 2016 and his place has been visited 120,559 times.

Do you want to access his profile which means that you have to know his Roblox password? Of course, no one knows about his password except himself. But, in Youtube, you can find someone hacked his Roblox account. You can watch it in the channel of RSAM – Roblox Stories and More Account. But, we do not know he really hacked the account of Guava Juice or not. But the important thing is never ever hack someone’s account because if you get caught or if someone report you, then Roblox will ban you.

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