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If you are new players or developers in Roblox, you may not really know how to use GUI, what it is and everything related to it. However, you do not need to be worried again because we are going to explain about it.

First, you have to know the definition of GUI. GUI stands for Graphical User Interface and it is used to show information about the game to the player. It can be used to show the player what their character’s health, level, and gold are and also to make in-game buttons for menus and inventory systems.

Do you know how GUIs get into a game? The most usual type of GUI is a screen GUI which behaves like a 2D place to put stickers on the screen of player. When the player moves the camera or explores the game world, a screen GUI will stay in the similar place on the screen. When you create a new Roblox game, this screen GUI space does not exist. It will be your job to add it. There is an easiest way to do that namely to add it to the StarterGUi service so that it will get copied to a local game session of player when they join the game.

GUI has several elements which consist of Frame, TextLabel, TextButton, TextBox, ImageLabel, and ImageButton. What are the difference among them? Frame is used to group GUI elements together. TextLabel will displays text. Textbutton is clickable GUI button. TextBox permit the player enter text. ImageLabel can display an image. ImageButton is clickable image. Now, how to display something on a GUI Roblox?

Let say that you want to display GUI Buttons in Roblox. So, you have to create the GUI buttons. There are two types of button objects that are able to be used in UI design of your game including TextButtons and ImageButtons. TextButton is very similar to a TextLabel except that a player is able to activate it with a click. Internally, it also can share a lot of the similar visual properties as a text label such as font, background color, stroke color and more.

How about ImageButton? It is like an interactive version of the ImageLabel object and it uses a custom image that you upload to Roblox. Also, it shares most of the same properties as its non-button counterpart. So, how to add buttons to a screen GUI?

You have to add an ImageButton to the screen and flip it between a normal appearance and a more colorful appearance when a player activates it. Find the ScreenGui object in the Explorer Window, and then insert an ImageButton object. So, it will add an empty image button to the corner of the game view.

For this button, you will have to upload two custom images, one for the normal appearance of the button when it is just sitting on the screen and a second image for when a player activates it. If you want to know more, you can visit the You can also ask to other players about how to display something on a GUI Roblox. Sorry for the lack of this content and have a nice day.

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