How Much Is 5 Robux on Roblox

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Robux is one of important things on Roblox and every Roblox player will do anything to get it especially for free. Because Robux is the main currency in this online gaming platform, so having a lot of Robux is a wish of every Roblox player. What can we do by having a lot of Robux?

If we have a lot ot Robux, we are able to purchase anything that you want including:

  • changing username for 1,000 Robux;
  • creating groups for 100 Robux and the group owners can create a new rank for their group for 25 Robux and they also can create a clan for their group for 500 Robux;
  • uploading thumbnails for your places. If you upload an image, the cost is 10 Robux and if you upload a video thumbnail, the cost is 500 Robux;
  • creating a badge for your game at a price of 100 Robux;
  • bidding on an advertisement for your games, clothing, groups or models for different amounts of Robux;
  • paying access to some certain games;
  • buying items in the catalog;
  • buying game passes and developer products;

uploading an audio file to the library and the cost depends on the length of the audio that you upload








You are able to earn Robux by a lot of methods. You are able to sell items that you create, buying from Robux page, becoming Builders Club members, selling game passes and participating in the Affiliate Program. If you want to buy Robux on the Robux page and this is your first time to purchase, you probably want to know about the price and you want to know how much Robux that you will get by paying some dollars. When you access the Robux page, you will see a list of Robux that you want to buy completed with the price that you have to pay. Here are the details.

  • To get 400 Robux, you have to pay for $4.95.
  • To get 800 Robux, you have to pay for $9.95.
  • To get 2,000 Robux, you have to pay for $24.95.
  • To get 4,500 Robux, you have to pay for $49.95.
  •  To get 10,000 Robux, you have to pay for $99.95.
  • To get 22,500 Robux, you have to pay for $199.95

If you have a lot of money, just buy the Robux legally on Robux page instead of using Robux Generator or any other illegal methods. It is because you will lose your Robux that you get from illegal things or even you can be banned if you get the Robux ilegally. This thing has been emphasized in the website of Roblox that there is no Robux Generator that will give you real Robux and if you find something like that, it is surely just a scam. So, if you use that kind of things either website or generator, you have to be careful and just use the legal ways to get Robux.

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