How to Add Emojis to Discord

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In Discord, you are able to do some activities and one of the activities is adding emojis. When you send messages to your friends through chat, you may like using emojis to represent your feeling so that it can be more real. In Discord, you are also able to add or use emojis. How to do that?

If you want to add an emoji to a conversation, it is very simple. You just have to hover your mouse over the grayed-out emoji to the right side of your text bar. Then, it will turn from gray to full color while it is hovering. Now, you have to click on the icon of emoji to pull up a list of available emojis right there at your fingertips. If you want to drop more than one emojis, you are able to hold down the Shift key while you click away. Now, you have known how to add emojis on your conversation.

Now, you may also want to know how to add emojis to the description of your channel and also your nicknames. The process of doing this is easy as well. There is a more technical way that you can do to add emoji to your channel’s description and nicknames. You are able to type in the full ID name of the emoji directly. One of the examples is you are able to type \:flame: so that you are able to produce a flame emoji. In language, it is known as Unicode. But, the most users of emojis may not be familiar with Unicode. So, it is simpler for them just to use the copy and paste option. There are some websites online to choose from that are able to help you to find all the emojis that you will ever need. One of the websites that you are able to use is If you want and if you like, you are also able to go to In this site, you are able to learn a little bit of Unicode.

In the Unicode website, you are able to find any emojis completed with the codes. Some of the codes are grinning face which is the code is U+1F600, grinning face with big eyes which the code is U+1F603, beaming face with smiling eyes which is the code is U+1F601, grinning squinting face which is the code is U+1F606, rolling on the floor laughing which is the code is U+1F923, face with tears of joy which is the code is U+1F602, smiling face with hearts which is the code is U+1F970, smiling face with heart-eyes which is the code is U+1F60D and many others.

You are able to use any emojis on Discord such as star struck, smiling face with hearts, face blowing kiss, face savoring food, face with tongue, winking face with tounge, money mouth face, hugging face, face with hand over mouth, thinking face, face with raised eyebrow, zipper mouth face, expressionless face and many other choices of emojis that can make your conversation more alive.

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