How to Bot Groups on Roblox! v3rm

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For those who are looking for the method of how to bot groups on Roblox, here is the information for you. The information was taken from the website called v3rm by the Youtube channel Friggus Kings.

It is stated that the creator of this bot is Nihal. The first thing that you have to do is to open the thread. Then, download the file. The next thing that you have to do is to drag to the desktop. In the fourth step,  you have to extract the .zip on the desktop. As you can see, there will be a folder popped up called “newbot”.

For this version, you have to get python 3.5. in this case, you have to download these. Then, click that windows x86-64 executable installer. While you download, please make sure to hit the box “select as path” undefined. Also, make sure to click “Add Phython 3.5 to path”. Without that one, it will not working. After clicked it, press the Install Now button and the setup process will be started. Once the setup was successful, you have to type things in.

First, open up CMD. Second, type in “Pip install bs4 faker”.  Fortunately, all of this will be in desk so you do not have to worry. Third, type in “pip3 install requests”. Fourth, go to the folder “newbot”. Fifth, open up CONFIG. Sixth, put the threads to about 10,000, create to about whatever the amount you want to create. Do not do anything else yet. Seventh, save it. Eighth, open up CMD again. Ninth, type in “cd desktop”. Tenth, type in “cd newbot”. Eleventh, type in “phython”. As you can see, its going to start creating. How fast it is depends on the Internet speed. You need to wait a bot before it starts creating. Once you have created a few accounts, go to the group that you want to bot. In order to test it, you can use any group.

The first thing that should be done is to take the group ID. then, go to CONFIG. The next thing that you have to do is to pause it and take the details. You have to change the threads to 10000, the create to 0, the amount to 10000, the join to “yes”, the favorite to 0, and the follow to 0. When you are done, go to “Groups”. Please paste the ID there. Afterward, open up the CMD and do these CMDs, the one in desk. In the end, all of them joined.

For the better explanation, you can watch the video created by the Youtube channel named Friggus Kings. For the original content, you can visit the thread on v3rm. In that thread, you can try to ask to the members if you have any question. Actually, you can also try to ask to the Friggus Kings by leaving the comment under the video. If that account cannot solve the issue, another commenter might can.

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