How to Build Welcome to Bloxburg

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For those who are new to a game called Welcome to Bloxburg, here is the tips of how to build Welcome to Bloxburg. In building Welcome to Bloxburg, one of the most important thing is blueprinting. According to the official page of Welcome to Bloxburg on Wiki, blueprinting will help you a lot. Having a plan to decorate your room would be nice as you have something as reference. Beside, building the plan is also able to inspire you to freelance other houses. On the other hand, if you are not familiar with building, then reference blueprints.

The second tip is to change the placement grid. It would better for you to use the small placement grid. This thing will let you to place items into more specific places. In this case, it will not hang off the side of tables, shelves, and bookcases. All the counters also can attach to corners better as well.

The third tip is to watch Youtube. Youtube is believed as the best video sharing website. By watching some videos on this site, you will be able to learn how to build quality houses. When it comes to building Welcome to Bloxburg, some of the recommended channels are Cylito, BramP, Ayzria, CatBuilds, BellBuilds, DandanPH, NeziPlzaysRoblox.

The fourth tip is to buy advanced placing. Some people might disagree about this one. However, you need to know that buying the “Advanced Placing” gamepass will let you to build without collision checks. It means that you are able to build without collisions or build with items inside each other. It brings a lot more options to the building.

For those who want something specific, please check this following information about the texture and the design. In fact, the texture of your design can completely change how the house looks. If you dream of a cottage look, then you should use more wood. If you wish something modern look, then you should use the plain colors and certain stone textures instead. Beside the texture, the design is also can be a factor in well-built house. If you do not have a plan in advance, your house would be just end a huge box with 2 or 3 rooms. You can either think of the designs yourself or look at the other references made by the others.

In building Welcome to Bloxburg, please remember the DOs and DON’Ts. Here are some of the tings that you have to do and the ones that should be avoided. Some of the recommended things are practising, looking on the design style, and many more. Some of the things that should be avoided are letting others you do not trust to decorate your room, unless they are proven themselves as experienced builders or trusted builders, modifying the room, and many more. Practise may be expensive, but it is always worth to do. Practise is not a waste. The more you practise, the quickest you get the better result.

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