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Roblox has introduced the new dark mode in Roblox studio in order to help the late night developers to continue working when their inspiration is highest. With the help of the new release, switching back and fort between the light and dark mode is simple and seamless. How to make it possible? Do not stop reading the article to find how it works.

The first thing that you have to do to enable the dark mode is to go to %localappdata%\Roblox\Versions and go to the version folder containing Studio files. Please look through the folders until you find a thing named RobloxStudioBeta.exe in one of them if you have no idea. Apparently, the name of the folder changes every week. Then, create the folder called ClientSettings. The next thing that you have to do is to create the file named ClientAppSettings.json.After that, you have to paste this into the file and then save and relaunch studio. In the last step, you have to go into Studio settings and enable Dark Theme. You can do it by going into the general section of Studio Settings and changing the UI Theme.

That is the easier and less steps method that you can follow. Aside from that, there is also the different and longer method. Even if it is longer, all the steps are easier compared to the first one. If you want to try the longer one, here are the steps that you have to follow. First, go and download Studio Mod Manager. The recommended one is the one from CloneTrooepr1019. Second, launch the Studio Mod Manager. Third, press “Edit Fvariables”. If there is the prompt appearing saying “Beware Dragons” or something like that, you just have to accept and continue. Then, wait for the editor to gather the Fvariables. Fourth, a window should pop up. Fifth, simply search for “studioTheme”. Sixth, choose it and press add, accept the prompt and it is added to the manager’s version of Studio. Seventh, exit the Fvariable Editor and press “Launch Roblox Studio”. Eighth, go into Studio settings and enable Dark Theme. You can do it by going into the general section of the Studio Settings and changing the UI Theme.

Before doing anything, please keep in mind that the second method explained above will not work with the regular Studio and will only work with the mod manager’s version. Actually, there is a method to do it without the editor. However, when the Studio restarts, the config also is reset so that does no good.

Feel free to use any method to enable the dark mode. You can try the first method and try another one is the first one is not working. If you do it right by following all the instructions well, there is no such a thing called failure. If you find a hard time, you can try to seek a help from the one that knows this kind of thing works or from the members of community.

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