How to Fix Initialization Error 4 Roblox

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Roblox has millions users from around the world. Roblox also has millions choices of games so that users will never be bored during the spend their time in Roblox platform. So, now Roblox is very popular. However, even though this platform is popular, has millions game and users, it does not mean that this gaming platform i perfect without any problem. During you become a user of Roblox, have you ever experienced initialization error 4? Well, some of you maybe do not know what it is and even never experienced this. Well, if you experienced this, you surely want to fix this error. So, how to fix this? Let’s continuing to read this article.

This error comes in different ways. Some Roblox users experienced that they find this error after they update the Roblox app into the latest one and then the error comes up when they try to launch Roblox program. It  also happens when they try to uninstall Roblox. Some of them experienced this when they try to play certain games such as Island Royal, Jailbreak and some others. They try to solve this problem with any methods but it seems that it does not succeed. They try to uninstall the program and then reinstall it.  It is failed. Then, they also try to uninstall some programs in their PC and then update all the drivers plus run a quick scan for any viruses. Again, they get the similar error a few hours later after they do this. A Roblox user said that reinstalling will not help because this issue comes up because of some antivirus programs detecting Roblox as a malicious program. You are able to see different errors and it depends on which AV you use. However, if you cannot join games, this is likely the cause. Some players try to use F-Secure to fix this and succeed. But, some others no. So, if you find this error, it is better for you to try first anything that you can do such as reinstalling, using F-Secure and more. Here, we found a fix method that you can try to fix this error.

  • You have to use iObit Uninstaller to nuke Roblox entirely. You have to ensure after to delete the registry keys. Then, remove the program after since it shoves software in your face but as always done the job.
  • Then, nuke your anti-virus. You have to know that if you disable it, it will not do enough in some cases you need to turn off the “Self defence module” enabling you to fully shutdown your anti virus.
  • Now, try to Roblox.
  • Open Roblox and open your task manager and then freeze it after Roblox launches. You have to look for both RobloxPlayerClient.exe and RobloxBeta.exe or something which is the same. Open their location and then set them both to run as administrator by default. After you do this, then try to open Roblox again. If you cannot do it, there is a really annoying bug. If it proceeds that it is not able to find anything in your programs folder proceed to bonus step. What you have to do then? Check your program files. It is empty and it seems to also not like that after. Copy the content of the %appdata% Roblox into your program files and sort itself out.

If this steps do not work, it is better for you to report this to the Roblox team.

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