How to Get Banshee Vehicle for Free in Mad City

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Mad City is a game that was created by Schwifty Studios. Based on the research, the game was first created on December 3, 2017, and then the game of Mad City first blew up on January 28, 2019.

Apparently, Mad City is really similar to Jailbreak which is well known as the most popular game on the biggest online gaming platform named Roblox. It similarly to Jailbreak, role-playing, utilizes elements of open-world action, and traditional Cops and Robbers genres. At the start of the game of Mad City, the player has to select three of the teams available in the game: Hero, Police, or Prisoner.

In the game of Mad City, there are lots of vehicles. Those vehicles are used as the transportation for the players of Mad City. They are able to be spawned by using the Phone by clicking the Spawn button and choosing the vehicle they wish to spawn. For your information, the players can only spawn vehicles their own. In the game of Mad City, there are land vehicles, air vehicles, and sea vehicles. The Boat, the Helicopter and the Camaro are all free. Remember that you cannot spawn the vehicles in certain areas such as the Prison. Once you are spawned, so you are going to be painted a default color and equipped with no upgrades unless you have edited it in a Garage, after which it is going to be customized whatever combo you chose at that time upon respawning the vehicle.

Banshee is one of vehicles in the game of Mad City. You may want to know a way how to get Banshee vehicle for free in the game of Mad City. If you want to know its way, well now we are going to share its way. You need to know that Banshee is a free special vehicle that can earned by defeating the Cluckles (the giant chicken boss). Anyone who involved in fighting and killing the Cluckles are going to be rewarded with the Banshee vehicle. The Banshee is going to move forward automatically upon starting it with the E key. The players are able to move the Banshee up and down by using W and S respectively, and then can move it left with A and right with S.

To get the Banshee vehicle, you have to go to the Testing Lab next to the Airport. Inside, there is a portal which leads to a short obstacle course. You have to be completed in order to get one fuel canister. Upon receiving the canister, so you have to bring the canister back to the fueling station in front of the Criminal Base. Then, you have to repeat this process until the fueling station is full.

When the fueling station is full, next you need to pull the lever to watch the rocket blast off. Then, hit the giant purple egg in the middle of the city. Afterwards, you are going to be required to defeat Cluckles, the giant chicken boss who will attack you nearby. When the giant chicken boss has been defeated, so you are going to get Banshee vehicle for free.

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