How to Get Free Hair Without Robux

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If we want to buy any items on Roblox catalog, we need to have enough Robux. If now you want to buy hair for your avatar or just for collections on your inventory, you are able to buy it as long as you have enough Robux. However, if you do not have enough Robux, is it possible for us to get free hair?

If you just look for a free model of hair, you are able to get it for free. There are several hair free models that you are able to get. First is Boy Hair which was uploaded by xAstra. This item was updated on August 15th, 2014 and it has been favorited 187 times. The Roblox ID is 157991630. Then, there is Free Hair which is long and has purple color. This model was uploaded by sadycat2002 and it was updated on March, 30th, 2013. It has been favorited more than 4K times and the Roblox ID is 111158246. There is also Free Hair For Beautiful People by iSpecAlpha. This model was updated on December 14th, 2013 and it has been favorited 155 times. The Roblox ID is 138560411.

But, what can we do if we want to buy hair which is not a free model but a free head accessory? As we know that in the Roblox catalog, there are a lot of options of hair that we are able to buy. Some of them are Beautiful Hair for Beautiful people which costs R$ 95, Cinnamon Hair which costs R$ 80, Black and Red Hair which costs R$ 90, Long Pastel Hair which costs R$ 100 and many more.

You are able to choose to buy any hair based on the style that you want from your avatar. For example, if you want your avatar looks cool with a blond hair, you are able to buy Beautiful Blonde Hair for R$ 95, Blonde Action for R$ 25, and more. If you want your avatar looks funky with fresh colour, you can choose Cotton Candy Hair for R$ 80, Adurite Hair for Beautiful People for R$ 500, Blue Charmer for R$ 125 and many more. If you want your avatar looks like anime, you can choose Golden Anime Hair for R$ 150.

The fact is that you do not have enough Robux so that you hope that you are able to get these hairs for free without having to spend any Robux at all. Alfanzz in his Youtube video entitled How To Get Free Hair in Roblox For Free Without Robux explains how to get hair for free without Robux. In the video, you are able to see that he tries to buy Pal Hair which costs R$ 90. Then, he tries to right click on Buy button and then click on Inspect element. Then, he also right clicks on the price and then click Inspect again. So, the thing that he does is to change several things. After changing it, you can see that the price changes to be Free.

If you are curious, you are able to watch the video until the end and then apply his method to get free Hair without Robux. We do not know it really works or not but you can try to prove it.

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