How to Get Money When You Kill a Player FE

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What do you want to do now on Roblox? Well, as we know that Roblox has a lot of things so that we are able to explore them. Well, you may want to know how to get money when you kill a player. Is it possible? You can do it. Now, in this article, we are going to describe it.

There is a video of juel sandy entitled Roblox | How To Get Money When You Kill A Player FE which was published on December 22nd, 2017. Now, this video has been watched more than 8.2K. You are able to watch this video for tutorial but we also will describe it in this article.

In the video, he said that this is FE compatible but he will not be using it because he is not using any FE guns. So first, you have to click on Workspace and then click on Explorer. For your information, it is the same code but if you want to know how to make your weapons FE compatible you are able to click the card as you can see in the video. Well, now you have to insert a script into ServerScriptService and then type what he types. So, now if you are on the Roblox Studio, you have to click on ServerScriptService in the right side of the screen and then choose Insert Object and then click on Script. The script is in the following:

local Memes =“BoolValue”)
Memes.Name = “leaderstats”
Memes.Parent = plr
local Money =“IntValue”)
Money.Name = “Money”

Now, for the purpose of testing he is trying to use a free model gun. So, you can go to View in the toolbar and then you can see what he does there. In the video, he will look in the gun code to see whether it already has a creator value. You are able to see that it does have one but in case your gun does not have one, you can check the description for the code to include. Then, he adds another lines in the script and you can follow what he inserts there. After entering the script, then you can test it quickly to make sure that everything works.

In the video, you are able to see that it works. Now, it is time to make it give you the money. Go to the script again, and then you will have to insert some lines again in the script. You can watch what he inserts in the script by watching the video. After he insert some lines in the script, then he tests it again to see whether it can work or not. But, it is error. Do not be worried because it happens because he forgot to set the Parent of the Money. So, he goes back to the script and fix it. You have to add the things that he adds on the script. Then, he tests it again and it works. Okay, you are able to watch the complete video on Youtube and for your information the duration is so short. It is just 3 minutes 59 seconds.

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