How to Get the Copper Key (Roblox Ready Player One Event)

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Roblox often holds special events. One of the event is Ready Player One event. Ready Player One is a controversial event on Roblox which was sponsored by the film of the same name. All players could participate in this event. But, this event was very challenging because the main prize was only available for one person on the whole site.

In this event, there were 6 regular prizes, 1 grand prize, 3 special items and also 4 unique prizes which could only be claimed by a single person each. This event was held on March 12th, 2018 to April 11th, 2018. In this event, you will not be provided the location of the prizes. However, Roblox gives you clues on where they could be. There are three crowns including Copper, Jade and Crystal. If you were able to get all the keys, you would be awarded special wings, and you would have the authorization of competing to get the Dominus Venari. If you want to get Copper Crown of Gold in this event, you had to be the first player to get the Copper Key.

Now, you may need some information about how to get the Copper Key. If you want to get the Copper Key, you have to complete a mission in Jailbreak. If you want to get the Cooper Key, you have to go to the Town. If you are there, you will have to look for an orange house. After that, you must have rammed a vehicle with you inside at the house. In advanced, in earlier versions of this mission, you needed to wait until 8 pm in game to drive your car into the wall. But in this event, you are permitted to do it at any time shortly after. If you have rammed your vehicle into the wall, you should have gotten a cutscene. If the cutscene comes to its abrupt end, you will want to make your way over to one of three locations including the Cargo Train, Jewelry Store or Bank. There are still more things that you will do after this. You will have to rob during the day, you will make your way over to the smaller waterfall in the Town, you will swim up behind the waterfall, make your way into a small hole and many more.

At the end, you will talk to a camping cop and he will take the game catridge and permit you to play the Jail Evaders. You will dodge any cars that got close to you and shoot the ones which are within your range. For your information, each car shot down will give you ten points and you need to get a score of 100, in which the game would have ended, you will be given the Copper Key and Bronze Crown.

If you want to see how fun to get the Copper Key, you can watch some Youtube videos about it such as How To Get The Copper Key by NapkinNate, How To Get The Copper Key Fast Tutorial! | Roblox Jailbreak | Ready Player One Golden Dominus Event by KreekCraft and many more.

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