How to Get the Infinity Gauntlet in Roblox

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Infinity Gauntlet is a shoulder accessory that was published on April 16, 2019 by Roblox into the catalog of Roblox. You have to know that it is able to be obtained as a reward in the Egg Hunt 2019 event. Since May 1, 2019, it has been favorites around 8,729 times.

By the way, how to get the Infinity Gauntlet? We are sure that you are curious to know its information. If so, you do not worry about that because here in this article we are going to share a way to get the Infinity Gauntlet in Roblox. Make sure that you read this article until end so that you do not miss the information you need.

Infinity Gauntlet is the ultimate final item of the Scrambled in Time Egg Hunt 2019 event. If you want to get Infinity Gauntlet, you have to first collect all five secret Avengers eggs. Those five secret Avengers eggs are the Black Widow egg, the Captain America egg, the Captain Marvel egg, the Iron Man egg and the Thor egg. In getting any of these Avengers eggs, you are going to first need to unlock a special red ship which lets you fly around the event hub area.

After you collect any three non-Avengers eggs during the Scrambled in Time Event, so the hub portal in the lobby is going to unlock. Please teleport through it to get the special Avengers area, then you are able to run down the long pink path until you see the large circular brown building. That building is actually the temple of Thor. Now, you have to check along the back side of the building for finding a hole in the ground where you are able to grab a glowing key next to a bank of monitors. Please climb back up the path. Then you must run to the ship on the nearby runway to use the key for accessing the aerial vehicle.

Now, finally you are able to fly to any of the Avengers temples from there where you are going to make your way through several simple jumping or platforming puzzles. For your information, at the end of each temple is the specific egg for that character. Although you are able to tackle the temple puzzles in any order, here are what to look for once you are flying around the event hub area in finding each temple:

  • Black Widow’s temple: to reach it, you have to land in the hole on the bottom end of the pink floating island, then run around the island to reach the stone path leading into the temple.
  • Captain America’s temple: This temple is red, white, and blue dome shaped like Captain’s shield is easy to spot on another pink island.
  • Captain Marvel’s temple: You are able to find it by looking at the end of a long stone bridge over a pink pond.
  • Iron Man temple: This temple is brown and red pyramid is clearly visible across the chasm from Captain America’s temple.
  • Thor temple: This is the big brown circular building where you found the key, but you cannot enter it through a normal door like the other temples.

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