How to Give People Robux in Groups

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You may want to know whether you are able to give Robux to a friend or not. If you questions about it, the answer is yes. You are able to give Robux to your friend and there are some ways to to that.

You surely know that in Roblox everyone has chance to create items and then to sell them to get Robux. To sell items, you must be a member of Builders Club. Then, you will be able to sell items and earn as much as Robux as you want. To sell the items, you need to make or join a group. Group has the ability to create and sell clothing including custom shirts and pants. You have to know that every Robux that is earned from the sales will go directly to the group regardless or who made it.

The groups page has a Store tab and it will show you the most recently updated group items by default. You are also able to search for items made by groups in the Catalog by group name. How to create a group clothing? You can do that easily. First, you are able to click on the group’ Store tab. Then, choose the T-shirt, Shirt or Pants option. If you have chosen, you need to click on Browse and then choose your image. Now, you need to enter a name for your clothing and then click on Upload.

As mentioned previously that the Robux that earned by clothing group will not go directly to the creator of the clothes but go to the groups owner. So, how to transfer Robux that earned by the group to the creator? The owner of a group can transfer group Robux to other members. It is able to be done as a one time transfer or can be set up to occur automatically every month. If you are a group owner and then you want to set up a one time payment, here is the guide.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to navigate to your Group Admin page.
  • Then, you need to click on Payouts in the left column.
  • After that, you can click on Distribute.
  • now, you have to type in the name of one of your group members that you want to transfer group funds to.
  • Next, click on Search Members and then click on the picture of the right member.
  • Now, repeat steps 4 to 5 for any other members.
  • Click on the left most drop down box to choose if you want to transfer Robux and you can click on the Distributing line.
  • Then, in the other drop down box, choose if you want to give out a fixed amount or percentage of the total group Robux balance.
  • In the box to the right of each player, you have to type in the amount or percentage that you want to give to them. In case you no longer want to include them, you are able to click on the Remove button.
  • At last, you have to click the Pay button to complete the process and transfer the funds.

Well, you can follow the instructions above carefully. Good luck for you!

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