How to Glitch All Bosses Using Electric Quirk

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As a Roblox player, you may will be familiar with the glitch. Many people said that the glitch is the faults in game that can be exploited and abused. But, the glitch is different from the third-party hacks because it is a result of a flaw in Roblox’s physics system rather than intentional editing of the Roblox program.

Talk about glitch, recently, there are lots of Roblox players who look for the information about how to glitch all bosses by using electric quirk. We are sure that when you are at this page, you may also want to know about that information. Apparently, you are at the correct page because here in this page we are going to talk about how to glitch all bosses by using electric quirk. So, make sure that you read this entire article.

If you want to glitch all bosses by using electric quirk, make sure that you have and use the electric work right here. You are able to see that it is pretty cool and it is an uncommon crack. First, you have to go ahead and spin for it using normal spin and much more easier to use it in a farm. So, how does it work alright. If you see the clone square glitch it is the same as that but we are going to show you what move this right. Now, let us go to the skills rake right here. Then, you are going to need a certain amount of shrimp punch right here which is R$ 150 because we will be using the full discharge remove for the electric.

The next step, you are able to go to the boss right here. Then, please press B and then reset. There you will go to build that damage. Please see its bug right there that is a different time trader because we are not using gloves as you may know. Let us just go back quickly. Then, if you are going to go close, so he is going to go attack you. Therefore, you have to make sure that you use some kind of pistols to avoid getting killed in that certain bosses. You are able to see that he cannot move at all so you are able to survive.

Just go ahead and kill the bosses and then go to all right here. Now, you are able to try test the glitch by pressing B and then reset. After that, you are able to go ahead and go back to the real quick. Apparently, you almost finish to glitch all bosses by using electric quirk. For the next way, you are able to watch a video in YouTube entitled “How to glitch all bosses using electric quirk – boku no roblox remastered”. That video was published by Builderboy TV on May 23, 2019. Currently, it has 36,312 views. On that video, the publisher show about a way to glitch all bosses by using electric quirk.

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