How to Have Lots of Money on Bloxburg

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For those the players of Bloxburg, you must be wondering how to have lots of money on Bloxburg. In order to solve your confusion, here is the information for you. Please read it well and do not miss a single thing.

There are several ways to to have lots of money on Bloxburg. All of the methods mentioned in this article are just recommendations. In the end, it is your choice to use it or not. The first one is to sell your roof as you do not really need it. The second one is to reduce the stuff in your house. It is stated that the starter stuff in your house is terrible. In this case, you can keep the essentials one such as the bed, the sink, the toilet, the shower, the fridge, and so on. Some of the stuff that are recommended to be sold are the rugs, the extra lights, the extrac chairs, and many more. The third one is to take a job. For some people, work could be hard. Sometimes, all you want to do is to cheat. Please keep in mind that work is the best option to have lots of money on Bloxburg. In fact, every job earns the player the different amount of money. You can earn money every time you complete the task. When a task is completed, you will be promoted and earn more money per ask. In order to get the money, you will cash out the check once they end the shift.

What kind of job that can earn lots of money on Bloxburg? According to Wikia, there are currently 11 jobs in the game. What about the earnings? Apparently, all earnings are calculated at the maximum mood. The higher your mood is, the higher you will get paid. In this case, it is better for you to turn into work in the great mood. Then, proceed to work until your mood starts to stoop to the lower level. Fortunately, there is no limit to how many jobs you can have at once. It means you can try every job to get lots of money on Roblox Bloxburg.

Here is the list for the jobs from the highest pay to the lowest pay per task on Bloxburg. Those are the mechanic at Mike’s Motors ($322 – $368 ($644 – $736)), the woodcutter at Lovely Lumber ($192 – $224 ($384 – $448)), the cashier at Bloxburg Fresh Food ($165 – $255 ($330 – $510)) or deliveryperson at Pizza Planet ($15 – $45 ($30 – $90)), pizza baker at Pizza Planet ($247 – $325 ($494 $650)) or fisherman at The Fishing Hut ($91 – $130 ($182 – $260) )or hairdresser at Styles Hair Studio ($130 – $156 ($260 – $312)), the seller at Ben’s Ice Cream ($132 – $192 ($264 – $384)), the janitor at Green Clean ($154 – $220 ($308 – $440)), the stocker at Bloxburg Fresh Food ($150 – $220 ($300 – $440)), and the cashier at Bloxy Burgers ($120 – $168 ($240 – $336)).

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