How to Make a Keybind Script for NPC

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One of the things that you want to do now is probably making a keybind script for NPC. In Roblox, you may be able to do make it by using Roblox Studio. But, you may not know how to make it so that you come to this site and find this article.

First, let’s find put what Keybind is. It is a shortcut for a predefined action assigned to a key on your keyboard. When you press it, it will invoke an operation. It is also a scripted line in a text file that using STO’s scripting language, format which is proper and syntax that assigns a key to one or more than one predefined action. When it is loaded into the game from your computer, you are able to press a key on your keyboard and it will invoke one or more than one operation to happen in a predefined order.

Do you know what the purpose of Keybind is? It is to provide a quick and efficient set of commands without the need for multiple key-presses. Now, how to make a keybind script for NPC? One of videos on Youtube that you can watch as tutorial is a video from XxxLloyd061302xxX entitled Roblox: How To Make A Keybind Script for NPC!. This video was published on July 18th, 2018 and now it has been watched more than 20K times.

In the video, you are able to see that he is using Roblox Studio. He gets an RGB Brick there and then he make a folder and name it as “NPCS”. After that, add an NPC. You have to make sure that all parts are anchored. After that, move the NPC to the folder and if you are done, you can insert a GUI to the Starter GUI. You can name it “Keybind” or anything. Now, you have to insert a textbutton if you don’t have an image for your button. If you have one, you can use an Imagebutton. Insert an Uiaspectratioconstraint and if you make an imagebutton, you have to insert a textlabel. Now, change the size to {1,0}.{1,0}. After that, you have to change the text to the letter that you want the player to press.

Now, add another textlabel and then change its text to “to chat with…” and then change its position until it does not overlap with the other textlabel. If you are done, you can insert a localscript to the imagebutton. Then, you can follow what he types in the Localscripts by watching the video. After that, you can see that he tries to count the studs. Then, you will have to untick the box from the visible property to make it invisible. Then, you will add the key function part by going back to the Localscript. Follow what he enters in localscript. After it, you can see that it still prints “works” in the output when chatting. Go back to the localscript and add something. Then, insert a remote event to the NPC. What we do then? You can watch the complete steps in the video which is 22 minutes 45 seconds in the duration.

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