How to Make a Kill for Money Script

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Some of you may want to make a kill for money script. But, you probably do not know how to do it. So, by coming to this site, this is your good choice because we are trying to reveal how to make a kill for money script. So, do not stop reading this.

There is a video on Youtube that you can watch as a tutorial. It is a video of XxxLloyd061302xxX entitled How To Make A Kill For Money Script in Roblox!. This video was published on May 10th, 2017 and now it has been watched more than 97K. This video is short about 6 minutes 54 seconds so you can watch it. But, we also will describe it in this article.

Well, to make a kill for money script you will use Roblox Studio. So, now it is better for you to start opening your Roblox Studio. After you open Roblox Studio, let’s insert a script to the workspace. So, you can click on Workspace, choose InsertObject and then choose Script. In the leaderboard of the script, you have to type the following:

local folder =“Folder”, player)
folder.Name = “leaderstats”
local currency1 =“IntValue”, folder)
currency1.Name = “Cash”
local tag = character.Humanoid:FindFirstChild(“creator”)
if tag ~= nil then
if tag.Value ~= nil then
currency1.Value = currency1.Value + 10 — This is the reward after the player died.

After you insert the script above, then you will have to go to “Test” tab and test with local server and 2 players. How to that? You have to find Test menu near Terrain and View menu and click it. There, you will find Start, Local Server and 2 Players. So, click Start. In the video, he forgot to insert a sword inside the starter pack. So, he goes back, right click and then choose Toolbox. Then, in the left of the screen, there will appear the Toolbox. There, you have to search “sword” in the search bar and then there will appear some sword models for you. If you want, you are also able to to use guns. In the video, he changes his search to be “linked sword”. Then, there appear some result including Links linked, Linked Sword and more. So, he click on Linked Sword. After you click that, there will be a pop up window asking you whether you want to put this tool into the starter pack (otherwise drop into the 3d view). The thing that you have to do here is clicking on “Yes”.

After that, click on the StarterPack in the right side of the screen and then choose Sword and there will be SwordScript so that you have to click on SwordScript. In the video, you can see that he inserted it in the server so if you want to use that script you do not need to restart the whole thing. Now, you can reset the characters and the tools will go to their backpack. For seeing how he inserts the scripts and test it, you are able to watch the video directly. In the description section, there is also the script of it so you can copy and paste it.

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