How to Make a Level Up System – Roblox Scripting Tutorial

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The term “level” can be described as the number that represents the overall power of the entity in the game. usually, the player characters and enemies will have levels. For instance, the level one warrior might be a youth heading out from the small village ready for his first adventure. The level warrior is the veteran of a lot of battles as she is strong, fast, and quick witted.

Furthermore, the level fifty warrior has grown powerful through a lot of experience. She is fought battles, completed quests and those experiences have made her physically and ,mentally tough. Basically, the level is the number that represents this accumulated experience.

In order to help you on making the level up system, there are a lot of Roblox scripting tutorial on the platforms such as Youtube. One of the best is the one created by the Youtube channel named Natsion. Here are the Roblox scripting tutorial of how to make the level up system as explained by Natsion.

First, insert the script into serverscripservice. Second, name it system. Third, make the IntValue inside Player. Fourth, copy and paste it two times. Fifth, name one XP and other “Level”. Their parents should be Data. Sixth, name them as their local variables. If XP’s value is greater or equal to max XP value (level times 150) then XP’s value resets and you gain a level.  In order to change the XP, this code connects the XPCHANGINGFUNCTION. Seventh, insert the Screen GUI inside the Starter GUI. Eighth, insert the frame into the Screen GUI. Ninth, name the Screen GUI “LevelUpSystemGUI”. Tenth, name the frame “LevelFrame”. There should be no offset values only use scale.

Eleventh, duplicate the LevelFrame and put it inside the original one. Twelfth, make the scale values full (1,0) (1,0). Thirteenth, insert a script into the “fake” LevelFrame. Fourteenth, name it “LevelSystem”. Please take a note that the term “Mathematics” means percentage. Fifteenth, copy and paste it into “While true do” or change it into the global variable. Sixteenth, animate the parent. Seventeenth, put it “Mathematics” on X scale, put it on the Y scale if you sized LevelFrame vertically. Out means left to right or top to bottom and in means right to left or bottom to top. Do not forget to always add wait() code when using while true do. When it is done, then it is time for you to test it. You have to know that level’s value is zero and zero times anything remains zero.

for the better understanding, it is better for yo to visit this channel mentioned above and watch the video. Aside from that, you are also encouraged to watch more than one source of making the level up system. If you have any question or have a hard time, do not hesitate to seek a help from the one that knows the best about this kind of thing. Discussing with someone is the best way to get it right.

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