How to Make a Zombie Game

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Making a good game is not easy. There will be a lot of things that you have to consider and think. What characters that you want to create, what kind of game, the name of the game, the thumbnail of game, the obstacles, sound effect and music and many other things should be thought to make a perfect game.

If you want to make a zombie game, you have to make sure that your game can have a creepy environment and the obstacles or goals of the game must be challenging. So, if you want to make a zombie game or even other games, the first thing that you have to do is having an idea. You need to be able to illustrate your idea on paper or using some Mind mapping software. It is better if you can make a game in a team so that there will be rich of ideas.

After having an idea, then you have to decide on features. The features of your game will depend on your target platform, audience and experience. What views camera that you will use, the winning and losing scenario that you will use in the game and how to implement it must be thought by you. Besides, you also have to think of a specific characters in the game, how they look like and sound like. After you think about all of these elements, then, you are able to divide your team based on their specialty if you make the game in a team. Who will go for Engine, who can handle modelling, who will handle sound, music and sound effects and many more, who will create GUI graphics and pictures must be decided.

In the Wikihow, you are able to find the steps of making zombie place. So, you probably can make the zombie place first. To make zombie place, you are able to use some free models. After that, you are able to get a good, scary sky box or one that goes through day and night. Why? It will make the atmosphere a lot darker and creepier for players in your game. Then, build an area where players are able to defend themselves. It is important to know that if they do not have base they will find the game too hard and stop playing. Now, you have to put down a flooring if your choice. The flooring can be grass if you want them fight on a field. But, if you want them to fight on sand, you can make them fight on a beach.

After that, you can put in good weapons. Make sure that you do not only put one pistol because it will be boring. You can put Rocket launchers and shotguns with a lot of weapons. Now, you can put zombies. You can put the scarier zombies there. Then, try to reduce lag as much as you can by putting in an anti-lag script. At last, you have to update it as much as you can.

For helping you in making zombie game, you are able to watch some video tutorials such as a video of Code Orange entitled ROBLOX – How to make a Zombie Game (Part 1): Intermission and also a video of Blue Reino entitled How to make a simple Zombie game on Roblox.

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