How to Make Roblox Run Faster on Mac

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Do you playing Roblox games on Mac? If so, have you ever experienced a situation where your Roblox run slowly? If you have experienced that kind of thing, it may be because of lag. What is lag? Lag is a condition in which your device (it can be computer, game console or mobile device) slows down in movement because of network latency or struggling performance. For some players, it can be so devastating.

The degree of lag itself is various. It can be slight jerkiness (mild lag) or even a total process freezing (extreme lag). It can happen from various things like too many projectiles firing from a weapon or too many blocks especially unanchored ones present in a server.

There are several types of lag including block lag, ping (latency), decal lag, computer lag, entry lag, internet lag, server lag, excessive lag, too lag, other player lag, lag compensation, character lag, internet-hungry external programs, and CPU-hungry external programs. These lags can be so annoying. It can cause higher difficulty in obbies, survival games and vehicle-related games. It can also cause players to be unable to escape from other players who are trying to kill them because they unable to move when they come closer to them. Then, how to avoid that? There are some methods that you can do to avoid lag which means that your Roblox can run faster.

  • Beware of anti lag scripts.
  • Reducing amount of bricks and decals.
  • Turning graphics down.
  • Do not download viruses.
  • Resetting your wi-fi system.
  • Keeping your computer hardware and software updated.
  • Sharing network traffic with other people.
  • Booting lagging players from servers.
  • Keeping running apps to a minimum.

Now, you can avoid lag by doing the things above. If you are experiencing lag now and you do not know what to do, it is better for you to check several things to find the source of issue. First, you can check graphics level. When you are in game, press Escape to bring up the menu. Then, check the graphics level of Roblox and then set it to a lower level. If you set the Graphics Mode to ‘Automatic’, then change it to  ‘Manual’. Then, you will be able to make any necessary adjustments. Graphics levels which are lower will reduce some of the quality of image or visual but it means that your computer works less to run Roblox and it can result in a better game play experience until you are able to upgrade your hardware or have a better connection. Second, you can check the resources of your computer to make sure that your system resources are not being used by other high power programs. Close out any programs which are not necessary to make sure that they are not taking up system resources that Roblox may need. So, it is recommended that you close all other programs when you run Roblox. The third, you can check connection issue.

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