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Roblox is the largest online gaming platform. On Roblox, the users can play lots of games. Besides the users also can create their skill such as creating a T-shirt, shirt, pants or shorts. When you come to this page, you may want to know information about how to make a short in Roblox.

If you want to know a way to make a short in Roblox, so you are able to read this entire article. Now, in this article, we are going to try discuss about a way to make shorts in Roblox. Apparently, there are many Roblox players who still do not know about the way to make shorts in Roblox. So, just read this article until end and make sure that you do not miss any information.

Unlike t-shirts, shirts and pants or shorts wrap all the way around an avatar’s body, giving you more control over your designs. To get started, you are able to use the clothing templates and draw your own art on top. Please right-click these images and then you are able to select Save Image As… to save the templates to your computer. After that, you are able to open the templates in an image editor. The next step, you are able to use whatever image editing program you like. Those are several free options include Paint.NET and GIMP.

For each template, you have to remember that the parts are “folded up” and wrapped around a Roblox character’s body, arms, and legs. If you want to get its information clearly, so you are able to watch a video tutorial of making Roblox shorts in YouTube. Now, we are going to inform you a video that you must watch to get information about how to make Roblox shorts. The title video is ” Roblox: How to Make Shorts”. It was published by Pamzshxt on December 16, 2016. On that video, the publisher share about a way to make a Roblox shorts. We think that it is a simply video tutorial, so we are sure that you are able to follow all steps. Apparently, there are many people who have already watched that video. Until now, it has been watching by 9,457 viewers.

Talking about how to make Roblox shorts, we remind about a group named Create Shirts/Pants. That group is owned by CaioAlpaca. Currently, it has 3,762 members. On that group, the members are able to share, discuss and ask anything related making shirt and pants (shorts). Therefore, if you want to get more information related making Roblox shorts, so you are able to join with them.

On the description of the group, it say that there are several easy step to make Roblox shorts. Firstly, you have to go to “Store”. after that, you need to press in “Shirt” or “Pants”. The next step, you are able to press in “Choose file”. Then, you have to add one pant (Shorts) template. The last, you just need to click in “Ready”.

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