How to Make Yourself a Meme on Roblox

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In this century, meme is one of the most favorite things in the world. This one has become a trend and can be separated from everyone’s life. Meme can be described as the image, video, place of text, and so on. This one is usually humorous in nature. Its is copied and spread by Internet users, often slight variations.

Meme is so fun and interesting. Some Roblox players may share the same thought. For those the Roblox players who are so into meme and want to make yourself a meme on this platform, here are some ideas for you.

The first one is to be a Yoda. In order to be a Yoda, there are several things that should be purchased. Those are Chester Finkleton (head), Yoda (shirt), and Yoda (pants). How much do all of them cost? That look costs 260 Robux.

The second one is Beetlejuice casual wear. This look consists of Undershirt (shirt), Jeans (pants), Hockey Face, Rthro Head, and Boy Package. If you want to try this meme, you have to prepare 160 Robux.

The third one is Beetlejuice Uncle Beetlejuice 4th of July. If you want to get this look, you have to get some items such as Normal Rthro Sam (shirt), Uncle Sam (pants), Hockey Face, Uncle Sam’s Top Hat, Black Headphones, and Unconvincing Costume Beard. All the items cost 860-1210 Robux.

The fourth option is to be President of Ugly. Please get Uncle Sam Shirt, Uncle Sam Pants, Hockey Face, Uncle Sam’s Top Hat, Red, Blue, or Regular Shutter shades. In order to get this look, you have to spend around 800 Robux.

The fifth one is to be the Darth Maul from The Clone Wars. Some of the things that should be purchased are Darth Maul Shirt, Crimson Horns of Magic or Red/Black Iron Horns, Circuit Breaker Legs, and 2.0/Superman Torso/arms. Apparently, those items are approximately 1700-5700 Robux.

The sixth one is Duolingo the Language Lesson Owl. It is a cute one. If you want to be this cute meme, you have to purchase Noob attack – Mech Mobility or Headless Horror (head), Duolingo (shirt), and Duolingo (pants) that cost 260-31020 Robux.

The seventh option is to be Trump, the Current President of the USA. Trump has become a meme since his first appearance. His unique look makes him becoming a meme in the whole world easily. In order to get the Trump look, some of the items that you should purchase are Donald Trump Suit, Dress Pants, Blonde Spiked Hair, and American Flag Lapen Pin. For those who are curious, this meme costs only 35 Robux.

Feel free to try which look to be a meme. Do not forget that those are just the references. It means you are allowed to mix and match the look for meme by yourself. Everyone has their own taste, so these memes may not suit with your taste. Please share to the community of Roblox if you ever make one meme.

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