How to Put Stuff in Inventory Bloxburg

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For those who want to put stuff in inventory Bloxburg, apparently there are some steps that you need to do. Firstly, you have to go into build mode. Then, you have to click on the trashcan in the bottom right corner. After that, you are going to see a place to put or sell stuff. However, there is also a place who only can sell items Bloxburg that cost regular cash. It stores Bloxburg items in the inventory.

In this step, you are able to click to store in the inventory. Finally, now you can put stuff in your inventory Bloxburg. For note: You can only put stuffs that bought with B$ (Blockburg). In this case, if you buy the stuffs from Halloween or Christmas and leave it on your plot until after the holiday, so it is going to go from your inventory Bloxburg.

We think that the way to put stuff in inventory Bloxburg is easy to do. In other case, if you still do not understand with a way to put stuff in inventory Bloxburg, so you can also watch a video entitled “How to store Bloxbucks items in your inventory Bloxburg”. That video was published on September 30, 2018 by The Iron Aventador. Currently, it has 6,088 views. We suggest you to watch that video because it is a quick tutorial showing how to store or putt stuff (Bloxburg items) in your inventory Bloxburg.

As we know that in the game of Roblox Bloxburg, there is a feature named Build Mode. For your information, it is a catalog of furniture and house amenities. Then, Build Mode can be activated by clicking your mailbox or clicking the house button on the bottom right side of your screen once you are in Roblox Bloxburg. For those who want to buy any items Bloxburg, you are going to use Bloxbux and in-game money. Of course, there are various choices of items Bloxburg which you can buy. In Build, you are going to find doors, fences, paths, mailboxes, garden, fireplaces, floor, pillars, roof, stairs, trash, window, walls, pools, and vehicles. Then, in the Decorate, you are able to find cabinets, appliances, comfort, counters, beds, carpets, curtains, chairs, storage, plumbing, lighting, decorations, instruments, pool items, household, electronics, tables and training.

Apparently, you need to know the function of the commands once you access Build Mode. Here, we will explanation about that.

  •  To move items, you can click and then drag with your mouse.
  • To paint items such as beds, you can press F or click on the icon of paint.
  • To rotate items, you can click R. For your information, this process is slow, so you need to rotate by clicking and while clicking, moving your house.
  • To undo, you can press Ctrl+Z.
  • To redo, you can press Ctrl+Y.
  • To toggle on and off the building grid, you can press H.
  • To go through a top down view in build mode, you can hold Space.
  • To can play the game on computer, you can use keys Q and E to rotate.
  • To sell items, you can press G or click on the “trash can” icon.

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