How to Refund Roblox Gamepasses

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You may often see that in games, there are game passes that you are able to buy. These items are same as like VIP shirts where they can give you special abilities in games. The abilities can be anything such as speed, strength, special item and more.

Do you know when this item added to Roblox? In September 2012, game passes were added. Then, on April 23rd, 2018, the comment sections for all game passes were disabled. It was done to prevent scam bots from luring users with fake Robux sites. Game passes can be created for free and then after you create it, you are able to sell them for getting Robux.

If you create game passes and then you earn Robux from them, the Robux will be placed in a pending status for up to three business days before being paid to the account. Escrow is the name of this pending status. Besides, same as other sales, these funds will be subject to a transaction fee. A member of Builders Club will receive 70% of the proceeds and others who do not have Builders Club member will receive 10%. So, for creating game passes, actually you do not need to be a Builders Club member but if you become a Builders Club member, you will get a much higher percentage of Robux for each game pass that is sold.

Game passes can be bought by everyone from a game’s page. For example, if you want to buy game passes of Royale High game, you just have to go to the page of this game and then you will find several game passes completed with the price. In the game of Royale High, there are six game passes including Faster Flight! (+Custom Speeds) for R$ 249, Diamonds 2x Multiplier for R$ 749, Paintbrush Pass for R$ 289, Diamonds 4x Multiplier! (Leveling Up) for R$ 1649, 120+ New Hair Colors Pass for R$ 49, and Special Fabric Designs for R$ 34.

After you buy a game pass, have you ever thought of refunding them for any reasons? Some of you may have thought about it and you do not know what to do. If you think that by deleting the game pass that you have bought will make you get back your Robux, it will not. You have to note that when you buy a game pass and then you want to refund because you buy that accidentally or you can get back it because of any other reasons, you are able to do it.

Based on the terms and condition of Roblox, refund is not allowed and all sales are final. So, if you buy the game pass accidentally and then you want a refund, there is no such thing in Roblox. If you have bought an item accidentally, you just need to accept your mistake because Roblox and even the developers cannot refund your Robux. There is no Refund feature in Roblox. However, if you feel that it is not fair, you are able to tell your issue about your desire about refunding the unwanted items to the

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