How to See Peoples Rap on Roblox

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When we visit the site of, we often find RAP. Then, items in Roblox, we also see RAP. What is RAP? If you are a veteran in Roblox, you may know what RAP is. But if you are new in playing games in Roblox, this term is not familiar, isn’t it? In this opportunity, we are going to discuss about that. So, keep reading this article until the end.

RAP stands for Recent Average Price. What is it? It is what is calculated in trades and for each individual limited item. You may not know how to find the RAP of player. To find the RAP of player, the player has to subtract the lowest selling price from the current RAP. And then, divide the result by 10. And round it to entire number. You have to know that the number the player got is how much of the RAP will be brought away when the item gets sold. Now, the player has to subtract the number that the player got from the present RAP. Are you confused? Let’s take an example! For example, there is a limited hat. Its RAP is 2000 Robux. The lowest selling price is 50 Robux. Then, the player must subtract 2000 by 50 and the result is 1950. After that, the player divides 1950 by 10 and the result is 195. So, the number that the player got is 195 Robux. What do we have to do then? In this step, the player must subtract 2000 by 195 and the result is 1805. Finally, you will know the result. So, the current RAP is now 1805 Robux. If you want to rise RAP, the steps are similar but the player has to add the number that the player got to the current RAP instead of subtracting.

In Youtube, you are also able to find some tutorials of how finding people’s RAP. You just need to go to Youtube and then search “How to see people’s RAP on Roblox”. Then, you will be given a lot of results. Some of them are “How to check your rap and other people’s rap roblox” by clus huh, “How to show RAP on Roblox” by Princify, a video of Christeinn entitled “How to look at People’s RAP on Roblox”, a video of MajorLeagueMarcus entitled”How to see your RAP on Roblox! 2018!”, “How to see peoples RAP on Roblox” by NoobBloz Roblox and many other results. However, make sure that you watch the right videos. There are some videos about Roblox which is only click bait and they just want to deceive you. So, be careful. Well, that’s all about How to See People’s RAP on Roblox. Hopefully, you are able to do that by following the steps that we have described or you are able to watch the videos that we have mentioned above. Make sure that you follow the steps one by one carefully. Do you want to know more about Roblox? You can read other articles in this site.

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