How to Trigger Blood Hour in Roblox Rake

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The Roblox Rake is one of the games in Roblox. It was made by RVVZ, in which you have to survive from the Rake, a tall, and grey humanoid creepy pasta character. There are several places and gamemodes which you can discover.

By the way, do you ever play the game of Roblox Rake? If you never play the Roblox Rake, we suggest you to play this game. Then, for those who like playing the game of Roblox Rake, we think that you need to learn more about the gamemodes of game. One of gamemodes is blood hour. Talk about blood hour, do you know how to trigger blood hour in Roblox Rake?

Usually, in Blood hour, the surroundings and fog are going to appear in a blood-red coloration. Then, the soundscape is going to change to a rather scary manner, including intense music, breathing, and horrific screaming from the Rake that is going to appear with a pair of bright red eyes instead of normal white light. Instead of the usual text upon start of Nighttime, it is going to say “Your doom begins “.

After that, the usual buttons and levers appearing around the Lab and the power plant will not appear, of course make it very hard to survive. The Rake will not only become a bit quicker than usual, but the Rake will also detect the players instantly. The last, the player often respawns in the Underground Lab after death. Before you play this game in Blood hour, you are going to get Blood hour if you do not let the Rake to kill someone mostly for four minutes because the Blood hour’s time is four minutes. If the Rake do not kill anyone, this will cause power out and blood hour, however there are always many ways to survive from it.

Talk about the blood hour in Roblox Rake, we are going to inform you that there are lot of people especially YouTubers who publish the video show about Roblox Rake in game mode Blood hour, one of them is a video entitled “Roblox – The Rake Blood Hour Night – Scary”. That video was published by FoxyGirlRoxy XOX on October 29, 2018.

Currently, it has 1,899 views. On the video, the publisher try to show how to play the game in mode Blood hour. Even, on the video entitled “Roblox – The Rake Blood Hour Night – Scary”, the publisher also show how he can survive. For those we are curious to know what did he do in surviving on the game mode of Blood hour, so you are able to go to YouTube and visit channel of FoxyGirlRoxy XOX. Then, you are able to open a video entitled “Roblox – The Rake Blood Hour Night – Scary” that was published on October 29, 2018. Please watch that video until end so that you are able to know what do you do if you are at the game mode of Blood hour.

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