How to Use a Camera Command to Cheat in Hide and Seek

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Roblox Hide and Seek is the name of one of the famous games. This one was made by Lando64000 on April 1, 2009. Apparently, most of the maps on the game are made by the other Robloxians. At first, the game started with only 8 maps. Then, the creator of the game held a competition to let the other people create maps. In order to enter the competition, people made it a free model and sent the link to the model in the private message to him.

In the end, all the maps are able to be seen in the Fields Museum under the lobby. Currently, Roblox Hide and Seek is named as the 13th most played game on the platform. It is right behind Roblox Jr High School and in front of Work at a Pizza Place.

Around the year of 2016, Roblox Hide and Seek had a decline in the numbers of users and it is unknowns the reason of the game lost popularity. Some people think that the main reason behind it might be because there are more advanced games such as Roblox Hide and Seek Extreme.

Just like any other common games, Roblox Hide and Seek cannot be separated with the cheats. One of the cheats is called the cheat to use the camera command. Then, how to use the camera command in order to cheat in the game called Roblox Hide and Seek?

All that you have to do is to type in cam and then type in cam spawn. By doing that step, you will be at the spawn as the camera. There is also the spawn cam but there is also like Cam 1 and you can look down into the very obvious spot. You can try to put the camera down in spots where people are going to be. Aside from that, you can also put the camera down in the red building. The blue building also can be a place that you can use to put the camera. Another place that you can choose to put the camera is McDonalds. Feel free to put the camera in any place that you want. Every place is fine, as long as it is still included in the map.

The first thing that you have to do is to cam spawn. When you are at the cam spawn, you can check a few spots. See if somebody just went into that. If there is any, identify his or her. When it is identified, you have to head over to the spot and catch what you get. Actually, it is fine if you are failed to identify that and just head over to the spot. After that, you can check some more places that you put the camps before. Please check everything and do not leave anything behind. That method to use the camera command to cheat in Roblox Hide and Seek was explained by a Youtube channel named Poke. You can visit the channel if you want.


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