How to Use Any Roblox Item for Free

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In the world of Roblox, there are a lot of items that might be the dream of the Roblox players. It will be no problem for the Roblox players who have a lot of Robux to get them all. It is also no problem to get the items if those items are all free. But what happens if the items are expensive and you do not have enough Robux to purchase them?

There are a lot of videos on Youtube showing the content about the method to use any Roblox item for free. One of the videos was made by ACGamingST. Since the first time its release, this video has gained more than 500k views with 3.8k likes. Here is the method to use any Roblox item video for free according to that video.

The first thing that you have to do is to go to Roblox (the official website of the platform). When you are there, head to Roblox Catalog and find the item that you want to get for free. You can use the Search bar to make your way on finding the item easier. Once you found out the item, please click on that so you will be directed to the page of the item. In that page, you will be able to see the details of the item. Please right click anywhere and select “Inspect” which is the last option of the pop up menu. As the alternative, you can also press the Ctrl+shift+I. Upon clicking that button, there will be something popping up. You will be able to see some codes that are not understandable for some people. Please find the one that relates to the price. If the price shows something like R$ 250, you can change it to 0. Aside from the price, you also have to turn the “Buy” button into the “Get”. If it is needed, you can also change the creator of the game to someone else. By doing all the things, everything will be changed and you can get any Roblox item for free.

That is the method to use any Roblox item for free as explained by the Youtube channel named ACGamingST. If you watch the video, everything does look changed. However, there is the comment stated that the Roblox account of that channel had 17,000 Robux, so at the start he inspect it to 0 in order to make people believe that his Robux is totally 0. After that, when he click “Buy”, you can clearly see the “Purchased Completed”. It means that this one is the legit transaction. Some people say something about the price was changed and that would happen if you are originally have 0 Robux. At the end of the video, he does not show the reload of the page because he is afraid to see his original. Roblox is not dumb enough to make the content changeable. If that one can be changed easily, then everyone will be rich.

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