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If we can meet the real Dinosaur, it surely will be scary because it is big and it may bite us. But, if we see them in the form of stuff such as picture, statue, or doll, it is usually cute. In Roblox, there are some stuff of Dino and they are very cute. One of them is Hungry Dino.

If you like something cute or you like something related to Dinosaur, it seems that having Hungry Dino is a must for you. Hungry Dino is a hat which was published by Roblox in the Roblox catalog on August 10th, 2012. This item can be bought for 50 Robux and it used to be a Builders Club only membership item. Until May 8th, 2019, it had been bought 353,083 times and favorited 51K times. This item is categorized into a comedy genre stuff. The Roblox ID is 89615321.

This Hungry Dino hat is light green with a couple of black eyes and also teeth. There is also dark green fin on its head. Besides this item, there is also Playful Red Dino. This item is also a hat which was published on Roblox by Roblox on March 2nd, 2018. This item was created to celebrate 1 million subscribers milestone of Roblox on Youtube and it was able to be gained by redeeming the promotional code “ONEMILLIONCLUB”. Until May, 15th, 2019, it has been favorited 31,062 times. This item is the same as the green Hungry Dino hat but it is the red version. However, this item now is not available anymore because it was available only from March 2nd, 2018 to March 5th, 2018.

If you are crazy about Dinosaur thing, you are also able to buy other stuffs. One of them is 8-Bit Hungry Dino. This item is also a hat which has light green colour. It was published by Roblox into the Roblox catalog on September 22nd, 2016 and it can be bought for 75 Robux. Until April 28th, 2019, this item has been bought 8,209 times and favorited 1,548 times. This item is an 8-Bit version of the Hungry Dino. The Roblox ID of this item is 507790539.

Knitted Beanie Dino can also be your choice to buy Dino stuff. This item was published in the Roblox catalog by Roblox on July 26th, 2011. It is a limited unique hat and it is categorized into a horror and comedy genre. Now, it has been favorited 1,129 times and the price is 38,999 Robux. Until February 11th, 2017, it has been bought 1,500 times and formerly it costed 35 Robux. The Roblox ID is 57603998.

Brown Dino Tail can also be your collection. This item is a waist accessory and it was published by Roblox into the Roblox catalog on March 25th, 2017. Until March 31st, 2017, this item had been favorited 462 times. But now, it has been favorited 2,068 times. It costs 350 Robux and the Roblox ID is 707915127. This item is categorized into an adventure genre and in the description, it says that we didn’t have enough DNA to bring back a whole dinosaur, so we only have its tail. If you like this accessory, you can buy it for completing your collection.

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