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Innovation Labs Roblox Toy is known as the well-known sci-fi building group owned by madattak. This one consists of more than 217,000 members as of February 6th, 2017 and a side-group of more than 33,000 members, making it the biggest building and or science focused group on Roblox and the 18th biggest Roblox group.

Innovation Labs Roblox Toy is such a popular game. this one has increased the recognition of the group within the Roblox community. The first Bloxcast, the Dynamic Lighting Showcase, and a lot of blood posts have featured Innovation Inc, and Innovation Labs were also included as part of the 2012 “Return of the Badger Badger Gift” badge hunt. Aside from that, this one was also featured as one of the 3 games to be included in the Jurassic World Scavenger Hunt.

Innovation Labs can be described as the hightech research facility housing several testing laboratories. There is a big section of the facility that is based on the Anomalous Materials and Questionable Ethnics levels of the Black Mesa Research Facility from Half Life 1. It had the Halloween 2015 event named Zombocalypse. Apparently, there was the notable changes such as the new halloween version of the logo; the labs were re-done for halloween and the core meltdown was completely re-done. Innovation Labs was used for the Jurassic Park event of Roblox. a thing called the dino bones were hidden on the tables in the laboratory rooms in the Jurassic Research Facility, accessible from Sector C Genetics. When the temperatures are high, the reactor becomes unstable and causes the series of chaotic events.

As part of the Innovation Labs Roblox Toy, you have to know some other things like the Innovation Headquarters, Innovation Hub, Innovation Experimental Test Site, Innovation Security Training Facility 3.0, Innovation Security Headquarters, Innovation Arctic Base, and Innovation Inc. Spaceship.

Innovation Headquarters is the cylindrical building built into the side of the mountain near Innovation Labs. This one contains the space laser on its roof that causes controversy upon learning it is supposed to be at the Pinewood Space Station. This one is currently inactive as the new headquarters is said to be under construction. The Innovation Hub can be described as the hub that transports players between facilities through the tram passing via several different areas. The tram itself is based on the one in Half Life 1. Aside from that, the track going from the station to the Innovation Labs station that is based on the intro sequence of Half Life 1.

Innovation Experimental Test Site is the vast landmass where hovercrafts are currently being tested at. Innovation Security Training Facility 3.0 is the private facility. It is where the Innovation Security hosts its weekly trainings via the parkour, rail guns, sword fights, and so on. The facility itself is located underneath the Security Headquarters. Innovation Security Headquarters is known as the military complex. This one is used by Innovation Security as their headquarters. Every raider is able to attempt to raid the facility as Security tries to stop them.

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