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Inquisitormaster Roblox account is one of the accounts on Roblox. This one is one of the millions playing, creating, and exploring the endless possibilities of Roblox. This account has its own profile. For those who want to know more about this account, please check out the profile.

As you can see on the profile of Inquisitormaster, it has 32 friends, 299K+ followers, and only 2 following. If you are interested in this account, you can click the “Add Friend” button to be a friend of it.

Aside from the friends, following, and followers, the page of the profile also informed so other things such as the things it is currently wearing, the collections, the groups, the favorite games, the Roblox badges, the player badges, and the statistics.

Inquisitormaster Roblox
In the Currently Wearing category, the character is wearing some things, including the Women Head, the Stylish Swim, the Stylish Jump, the Stylish Fall, the Stylish Climb, the Bubbly Idle, the (KYLIE) BL Leg-length Boot with Denim, the Stylish Walk, the Stylish Run, the Cropped Christmas Sweater, the Roblox Girl Right Leg, the Roblox Left Leg, the Straight Blond Hair, the Lovely Blonde Locks, the Laughing Fun, the Woman Left Arm, the Woman Right Arm, and the Woman Torso.

For the collections, Inquisitormaster has some collections such as Dominus Infernus, Dominus Aureus, GoldLika: Boss, Immortal Sword: Venom’s Bite, Fuschia Fantastique, and Valkyrie Helm as the collections.

In the Groups category, you can only find the group named Dark Side Squad. There is some information that you can find about this group in the same page. In addition, there is also a video of this group. Apparently,it is the only video related to Inquisitromaster taht you can find in the page. For those you are looking for Inquisitormaster videos, please try to look for one in the platform for video such as Youtube.

In the Favorite Games category, it is displayed that the favorite games of Inquisitormaster are The Ancient Pyramid Obby!, the Dark Side Clothing, the Resurrection BETA, and the Zombie Rush. Is there your favorite game on the list?

In the Roblox Badges category, it has Friendship, Welcome To The Club, Homestead, and Bricksmith. As for the Player Badges category, some of them are Welcome to The Robloxian Hospital, Welcome to the Bathroom, Inkwell Egg, and YOU PLAYED!.

Do you want to know more about Inquisitormaster? Unfortunately, this account does not display their contact. So, if you want to know about the Inquisitormaster address, email, phone number and twitter, you have to send click the Message button and send a message to the owner. Do not be hesitated to ask the owner. Just ask them nicely to get the nice respond.

Inquisitormaster joined Roblox on August 23rd, 2016. It is almost 2 years. Since the first time joined, this page has been visited 225,720 times. After reading the description of Inquisitormaster Roblox character, can you imagine what kind of thing it is? Is there any chances to make this kind of thing?

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    Abigail1 year ago

    Hi i love your vids but chucky has hunted me my intier life could you get the chucky doll out of the sceen shot please u are not helping when you point it out


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