Instantly Rob the Bank Glitch (Roblox Jailbreak)

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In the game of Jailbreak, you are able to choose your role whether you want to be a Police Officer or a Criminal. If you want to be a Criminal, then you have to rob the bank. But, is there any glitch to rob the bank in the Jailbreak game?

If you want to rob the bank, the first thing that you have to do is to be a criminal for sure. You also need to make sure that the lights which are on the “Closed” sign is off before entering the bank. There will be four items that you have to prepare if you want to rob the bank. First, you have to own a key card so you are able to access the bank in the proper way. You also have to prepare some weapons which will be used to kill cops when you enter the bank. It will be better if you also have a Donut to heal health if you are on low health.

Well, how to enter the bank? After getting a keycard and make sure the “closed” sign is off, you have to enter the double doors and iron doors that lead to the stairs or you are able to use a side door on the left side and then walk down to the vault. Before you reach the vault, you need to jump over and crawl under the lasers which if it is touched, it will take away 1/5 of your health. Then, you have to move sideways before you crouch under a laser so that the lasers behind you do not hit your legs. If you are in front of the vault, you will see there is dynamite that is put on it automatically. So, do not stand in front of the vault since the blast will send you back into the lasers. In case you lose your health, you are able to eat a donut.

If you have robbed the money, you have to escape from the bank. There are three ways to escape. You can choose the most dangerous way through the main door. Or, you can choose a more stealthy way through the side door which can lead to the alleyway. Or, you are also able to escape through the metal door directly in front of the lasers.

If you want to rob the bank instantly by using glitch, you are able to watch a video tutorial from NapkinNate entitled Instantly Rob The Bank Glitch! (Roblox Jailbreak) which was published on February 8th, 2018 and now it has been watched more than 313K times. In the video, you are able to see that the avatar tries to rob the money. You also see that the avatar has collected $2,578. After he collects the money, then he tries to do his glitch by instantly move here and there. It supposed to make him teleport but then he is out of the bank after being kicked. You are able to see the complete glitch by watching the video which has 16 minutes and 56 seconds of duration.

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