Is Roblox Playable on PS4 ?

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Roblox offers a lot of games which are available in a wide variety of genres which can be played in many devices. Each of you may have favorite device for playing games and you think that Roblox can be played in all devices. Yes, Roblox can be played in a variety of devices, but not all devices can operate Roblox.

If you like playing games in PS4, you may hope that Roblox games can be played in this device. However, until now, Roblox can be played on Mac, PC, iOS, Amazon Devices, Android, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Xbox One. How about on PS4? Some time ago, there is a rumor about Roblox that will come to PS4. This rumor surely makes the PS4 users happy. However, there is no further information until now when Roblox for PS4 will be released. Due to the rumor, a lot of Roblox players are still waiting and asking about the exact date of releasing Roblox on PS4.

Some people make some assumptions about why Roblox is not on PS4. First, they think that Roblox has an exclusive deal with Xbox One and it is a big deal. In the world of video games, this kind of arrangement is normal. So, Roblox still cannot make another deal with another company. Second, people assume that PS4 does not want Roblox on its platform. It happens since a valid reason considering the fact that Roblox on Xbox One is apparently a bad port. The interface is not good, chats are not available and players are not able to access regular stores. However, those are just assumptions of people who are waiting of Roblox on PS4. If you also have these kinds of assumptions, then you might still think whether Roblox on PS4 is possible or not.

Of course, it is possible. This possibility comes from Roblox that does not confirm or deny whether they will bring Roblox to PS4. Rumor about Roblox on PS4 around the web then continue to suggest that Roblox will be launched on PS$ at some point. On Roblox stream’s The Next Level that was held on July 1st, 206, Jack Hendrik said that Roblox for PS4 will come immediately but it is in production. At that time, he said that it has been confirmed and they are working on it for the PS4 but he also said that he did not have a release date.

Because of high curiosity, a lot of people try to connect Roblox to PS4 for making sure whether Roblox has been on PS4 or not. To do that, they connect the PS4 to the internet and then go to the browser and search for Roblox. And then, you will sign in to Roblox home page to be able to access to the playable games. After that, you will choose one game and click on Play button. You will be directed to a very unfortunate advisory note which says that “Your current platform is not supported”. So, it clearly means that for now you are able to play Roblox on PS4.

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    Tony9 months ago

    It’s been sometime this debate was going on. It’s about time Roblox should be available on PS4 now, period. Shame on you Roblox, shame on you Microsoft and shame on you PS! What’s the big deal! Let kids enjoy it before they grew out of it! Huh!


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