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Robux is something important for Roblox users because it is main currency in that game. With Robux, Roblox users can buy anything like items, game passes, uploading audio and many others including buying any items for modifying their avatar. As you know that, normally, you can get Robux by being Builders Club member, buying it, selling items and some other ways. But, is there any other ways to earn Roblox but for free?

In Roblox, there are some groups who offer to join that group to earn Robux. For example, “Join this Group for free robux” which was made by Cususassasinator14 with 232 members, “Free Robux For Everyone On Roblox” which was made by wolfgirlHT with 34 members, “Free Robux Join This Group” which was made by Evan_WasHere with 2 members and some others. However, we do not really know whether the members really earn Robux after they join the groups. If you are curious it is better to try to join the group to prove whether it is true or not. However, have you looked for some other groups to earn Robux? Well, in Youtube, there is a video entitled “Join This Group for Free Robux!!! ” which was uploaded by LandonRB – Roblox. He uploaded it on August 2nd, 2017. In his video, he says that he creates a group in Roblox and if you join with that group you will get Robux for free. In that video, he is creating the group while he is being recorded. You will see his avatar uses a duck on his head and then he asks you to name it. After he shows his avatar with the duck named Ducky on its head, then he continues to create a group. The name of the group is #DUCKSQUAD. Then, he makes some rules of the group which consist of:

  • Crush that like button.
  • Turn on those notif bells.
  • Comment Ducksquad on every video you watch.

After that, you will see he makes the picture of Ducksquad in Photoshop for making it as thumbnail. Unfortunately, when he finishes setting up all of the things in creating the group, and then he make the group, it does not work and it keep saying that “the group name is already taken”. But then, the change the name with “TEH #DUCKSQUAD”. Then, one by one of the Roblox users join the group immediately. At the end of the video, he says that in the next day, he will give 100 Robux for 100 people who join his group.

Now, if you check the group in Roblox, you will see that this group has 275913 members. Some of them probably has got Robux from him because of joining the group and also watch his videos. Well, if you want to get Robux as well you can try to join the group but we are not sure whether you will get Robux or not because the video of creating this group was made 1 year ago. But, it is better for you to join the group and watch the video of him maybe one day he will hold a Robux giveaway.

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    5.000 m rbx

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    i need a group


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