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There are many Roblox players who also become the Youtubers. One of them is Karina. She has been known online as karinaOMG. As Roblox and Minecraft gamer, she has found success on YouTube by posting content from both of the aforementioned games. Before launching her GamerGirl channel, she began posting toy tutorials and reviews to her fun with Karina YouTube channel in February of 2016.

For your information, Her real name is Karina Calor. She was born on March 23, 2007 in Canada. Now, she is 11 years old. She is the sister of RonaldOMG who are YouTuber too. Even, they collaborate on a joint YouTube channel called SIS vs BRO. If we look at karinaOMG’s profile, we are able to see that she has 197 friends, 235k followers and 26 following. Her character is currently wearing woman right leg, woman left leg, woman right arm, woman left arm, woman torso, smiling girl, red Beanie and blonde hair, black top with overall and black shoes.

Her YouTube channel is GamerGirl. Currently, she has 2.335.495 subscriber. As we know that on her channel, she always upload content about Roblox, minecraft games and many more. Some her videos are ‘Cut By a Ghost’, ‘Neon Fashion Show’, ‘Dodging Mountain Boulders’, ‘Who can jump the highest’, ‘Best hider in the world’, ‘Design your costume challenge’, ‘Jumping over laser beams’, ‘Jumping on Rainbow Spinners’, ‘Karina escapes the flood’, ‘Becoming a Vet for Unicorns’, ‘Becoming the amazing hulk’, ‘Going on 1st class Airplane and many more. With 2.335.495 subscriber, she has earned lots of money and become one of popular Youtubers.

Talk about karinaOMG, there is also a group named karinaOMG (GamerGirl) fanclub. This group owned by hypnotickatrina. This group is dedicated to the sweetest, adorable and most loving Youtuber, Roblox and Minecraft player namely Karina. You are able to join this group if you interested to make friends and talk anything about the adventures of karinaOMG that also known as GamerGirl. Currently, that group has 6790 members. Some members are goldmine567, andrik244096, princespuppy19, fruitqueen12, crazy_coot932, Jina97220, lili4919, Hissa_123321, Mosoyi, lailapat, amazonbab, and many more. In this group, you may ask anything or post whatever you want. But, please refrain from using foul languages and the owner also will not tolerate the rude behaviours or any sort of drama in this group. Besides for fans of karinaOMG, this group also created for those who loves ronaldOMG. As mentioned previously that Karina is the older sister of fellow RonaldOMG.

If you are one of karinaOMG fans, you are able also to follow her twitter, @GamerGirlArcade. She join in twitter on June 2016. Currently, she has eight following, 86 likers, 4,398 followers and 1,210 tweets. Usually, she always update her videos on her twitter account. So, if you want to keep get the information about the update her videos, we suggest you to follow her twitter account. Besides twitter, you are able also to add her facebook fanpage. It is GamerGirl @OMGkarina. On her facebook fanpage, you not only can get the information about the videos that she upload on her channel YouTube, but also you can know about her daily activity.

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